You Need These Adorable Pieces of Froggy Decor for Your Bedroom, ASAP

We don't know about you, but we can't scroll through our Explore pages on Instagram without being met by image after image of frog pics, memes and works of art—but we are definitely not complaining.

Frogs are the animal of the moment, and if you're more than happy to hop onto the trend (excuse the pun), why not go all out and decorate your bedroom with adorable frog pieces? If you're not sure where to start, here are some of our favorite adorable pieces of froggy decor we think you should add to your bedroom, ASAP.

Trinx Hanging Frog:$26.99

This sweet metal hanging frog has little grabby hands, so he can hang off of pretty much anything with a lip edge. Whether you hang him on a pot, planter, vase or even just a pencil holder, this little frog will always be around to keep you company.

Wayfair hanging jar frog

(via Wayfair)


DangShunPet2 Frog Pet Bed: $24.29+

If you have a pet who loves to lounge around your bedroom, make that experience even comfier with this sweet pet bed shaped like a frog's open mouth. Trust us—they'll never want to leave it.

Etsy frog pet bed

(via Etsy)


MDR Trading Frog-Shaped Night Light: $22.99

Keep the dark away with this plug-in nightlight shaped like a very realistic treefrog. We adore the detail of the toadstool the frog is sitting on, as well as its flower pattern and the way it lights up at night.

Wayfair Frog Night Light

(via Wayfair)


Chairish Vintage Wicker Frog Vase: $85

This small wicker frog basket looks like it would be perfect for storing pencils or other small trinkets, and we love the lifelike shape. We just wish there was also a giant one we could use to hold bigger things!

Chairish Frog Wicker Basket

(via Chairish)


Ginew Frog Mulberry Paper Lanterns: $15.50+

Every bedroom can use a little mood lighting, and this string of mulberry paper lanterns shaped like frogs just might be the cutest we've seen. The frogs look so sweet and happy—and they'll probably put a smile on your face, too.

Etsy frog mulberry paper lights

(via Etsy)


CoralReefCreationz Frog Teaparty Cottagecore Painted Octagon Mirror Trinketplate: $12.99

Everyone needs a bedroom mirror for getting ready each day, but there's no reason your mirror needs to be boring. This hand-painted mirror features frogs having a lovely tea party. What could be cuter?

Etsy frog tea party mirror

(via Etsy)


Sun Art Tea Frog Teapot and Teacups: $60

Speaking of tea parties, this amazing tea set, including a very round green frog teapot and two tadpole teacups, is just the thing to help you host your own.

Amazon Frog Teapot and Teacups

(via Amazon)


Ruby Jane Ceramic Frog Planter with Faux Succulent: $29.90

We just can't get enough of ultra-round frogs, and this ceramic frog planter holding a faux succulent would look great on any desk. Even better, you never have to water it or worry about the plant wilting!

Ruby Jane Ceramic planter with faux plant

(via Ruby Jane)


Loving Coastal Living Corduroy Plush Frog Lounge Chair, Green: $139.95

Need a comfy place to sit in your room when you're not lounging in bed? We think this corduroy plush chair will do the trick. Not only does it look super plush and inviting, but it also makes a fabulous room decoration when it's not in use.

Corduroy Plush froggy chair

(via Loving Coastal Living)


LocalStory Kawaii Frog Pillow: $22

And when you're sitting in your froggy chair, you'll also need a froggy pillow to cuddle. This one from Etsy store LocalStory looks so plush and soft, and we wish we could have our hands on one right this minute.

Etsy kawaii frog pillow

(via Etsy)


CouleeCountryCrafts Frog Candle: $8

Love lighting a candle to set the perfect ambiance for your room? Try these frog candles from CouleeCountryCrafts. They're so cute it would almost feel like a shame to light them—almost.

Etsy frog candles

(via Etsy)


Ebros Gifts Frog Sitting On Lily Pad Decorative Trinket Jewelry Box: $25.99

Whether you like collecting small odds and ends and need a place to store them, or need the perfect vessel for burning your frog candles, this polyresin box will do the trick. We love the antique look and the fact that it's so versatile.

Ebros gfits frog jewelry box

(via Ebros Gifts)


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