Fitness Gifts Under $100 to Get Your Sibling

If your sibling is into fitness, the best gift you can get them is something that will help their passion!

Whether they play a sport or simply like to work out, getting a gift that will aid in their health will make you their favorite sibling. And guess what? You don't need to spend a crazy amount of money to put a smile on their face! Just keep scrolling to get a look at some of the best fitness-inspired gifts, all under $100!

iWatch Standing Charger Dock: $29

Athletes love to keep track of miles they've run or how many calories they burnt. So, if your sibling has an Apple Watch to keep achieving their workout goals, this is a great gift. It's also great because it has a space to charge their phone and AirPods. All essentials for a daily run or an hour at the gym!

iWatch Standing Charger

(via Walmart)


Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 32 oz Bottle With Straw Lid: $55

Kiss plastic water bottles goodbye and say hello to the modern way of drinking water. If your sibling doesn't have a water bottle or is complaining about how small theirs is, gift them this 32 oz classic Hydro Flask with a straw lid. It's perfect if they play sports outside or constantly travel for sports.

32 oz Hydro Flask

(via Dick's Sporting Goods)


Ignite by Spri Weighted Vest: $35

A weighted vest is an excellent way for people to push their strengths. And this eight-pound vest will make their workout that much harder. This gift is not just one sport-friendly, but could be a great way to build strength for any favorite sport!

Ignite Weighted Vest

(via Target)


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Athletic Works 24kg Kettlebell: $58

Don't have an at-home gym but want to create a miniature version? This small yet very effective gift can start the workout collection. Everyone can use it, and it comes in so many weights that you can pick the perfect one for your sibling.

24kg kettlebell

(via Walmart)


Portable Fitness Pedals: $44

Notice your sibling is constantly sitting down to do homework or work? This could be a great way to work and work out simultaneously. It's a mindless way to keep moving while still being productive. It has a great price point and is portable, so that they can use it wherever, whenever.

portable fitness pedals

(via Amazon)


BlendJet 2: $50

If your sibling likes protein shakes, this portable blender is a great way to minimize the mess. They won't leave tons of dishes to clean, and they can enjoy their drink on the go. It also doesn't have to be just for working out! They can make a smoothie for their afternoon walk or a refreshing drink for after their game.

BlendJet 2 portable blender

(via BlendJet)


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Spikeball Set: $70

Who doesn't love a fun and active game? Spikeball is a wonderful gift if your sibling doesn't already have one. It's a fun thing to do when friends are over or when going to the beach. It's entertaining, active and fun to watch.

Spikeball set

(via Target)


Flexir Recovery Lite Muscle Massage: $60

Getting all those knots out is essential for athletes, and massaging your muscles can help prevent stiffness, soreness and fatigue. It also helps with the athlete's flexibility, tissue function and performance. It's an inexpensive version of the massagers out there!

Flexir Muscle Massager

(via Best Buy)


TriggerPoint Grid 1.0 Foam Roller: $37

Finally, a foam roller is another way to massage your body. It can be used for the back, butt or legs and helps massage deep tissue. This allows the athlete to work out their knots, ease inflammation and boost overall comfort. It's something they can just put in their closet when they aren't using it and is an effective item athletes need.

TriggerPoint Foam Roller

(via Dick's Sporting Goods)


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