All American High School Film Festival Contest!

Alli Simpson has teamed up with the All American High School Film Festival for a contest that could make you the director of her next music video!

To enter, you need to direct a music video for either Alli Simpson's "Guilty" or "Notice Me." Get inspired, show off your creativity and get filming!

The winner will have the opportunity to feature their video on Alli Simpson's YouTube channel and website. Plus, they'll get a shoutout from Alli on both Twitter and Facebook, as well as a surprise first-place prize!

You can enter from anywhere in the world, but hurry! You need to enter before August 1 to qualify!

If you're interested in film in general, be sure to check out the All American High School Film Festival in New York City from October 23rd to 27th! You can also read out interview with festival winner Emily Cohn here!

Not ready for a film festival? Share your filmmaking skills with us in the Tube section at!