If You're Always Cold, You'll Relate to THESE 11 Struggles

Being perpetually cold is not fun.

It doesn't matter what season it is, whether you're wearing a million layers or if the heater is up and blasting, you'll inevitably have frozen fingers and goosebumps galore.

If this is you, scroll below and get ready to relate to these struggles that only apply to those of us who are doomed to be frigid for life. ❄️

1. No matter where you're going or what you're doing, you always come prepared with a spare jacket (or two). There's no way you're surviving a trip to the mall, movie theater or the grocery store without one in hand… you'd freeze your butt off!

Dove Cameron on the verge of tears in the movie "Cloud 9"

(Cloud 9 via Disney Channel)

2. You're the person who constantly asks the teacher to turn the temperature up in the classroom. Although the rest of the class is sitting comfortable at 70 degrees, you're over in the corner shivering.

3. Speaking of shivering, it's your speciality. You're often called out when your teeth begin to chatter because people think you're being overdramatic. Nope. You're just that cold. Why would you make something like that up?!

4. Your bed is piled high with layers, because, let's be real, you won't get a wink of sleep if you don't have a comforter, sheets and two blankets to keep you warm at night.

5. You don't care about fashion when you're freezing! It doesn't matter if everything matches, you just want as much clothing on your body as humanly possible. Uggs, beanies, wool socks, vests—you need them all.

Joey from 'Friends' bundled up in clothing

(Friends via NBC)

6. You've been known to take showers not because you need to, but because they keep you nice and toasty. A 30-minute shower followed by 30 minutes of blowing hot air on yourself with a blowdryer is the best feeling in the world.

7. You're convinced that you can never have smooth legs. Why? Because minutes after shaving, you get goosebumps and your leg hair grows back almost instantly. Stubble for days.

8. Anytime someone touches your hands, they immediately comment on how frozen they are. Yep, thanks for pointing out the obvious.

Elsa and Anna from Disney's 'Frozen'

(Frozen via Walt Disney Animation Studios)

9. You've become a huge fan of tea, hot cocoa and coffee because there's nothing quite as satisfying as holding a warm mug with your frigid fingers.

10. Your friends and fam may make fun of you, but you have a personal space heater in your room, because, warmth.

11. The last day of summer is a sad, sad day for you.


If you truly are perpetually cold, you need to get your frozen hands on THESE cute, cuddly and—most importantly—warm items.