Singer-Songwriter Amaal Nuux Will Empower You With Her Latest Single 'Who Are We'

Who are you?

That's the question R&B singer Amaal Nuux hopes to help you answer with her inspiring new single "Who Are We."

Amaal chatted with Sweety High about her own personal influences. After you listen to this empowering new tune, learn a little bit more about the song and Amaal below.

Amaal Nuux "Who Are We" single

(Photo Credit: Ishmil Waterman)

Artist: Amaal Nuux

New single: "Who Are We"

What it means to Amaal: "This song is about being true to yourself. Who are you? What do you represent?"

Biggest influences: "The world around me, to be honest. I've been influenced by the simple things, such as the beauty of seeing a child smile, to seeing Lauryn Hill perform 'Peace of Mind' on MTV Unplugged."

What she hopes to accomplish: "I want to use my music as a communication tool. The world is so full of noise from others telling you to be better and be someone else. I just want people to know, 'Hey, its okay to be you.' "

What's next from Amaal: Her debut EP For the People will release early spring 2017 and she'll be heading out for a European tour in January.

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