Why You Should NEVER Skip Playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on Your Birthday

Animal Crossing games have always made a big deal of players' birthdays.

Past games have gifted players with lovely messages and mailed presents from villagers, big birthday cakes and even surprise parties. The new Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp app handles birthdays a little bit differently, which is why you should definitely play on the big day.

Because it'Animal Crossing, and the animal villagers in Animal Crossing games are always incredibly sweet, each one will acknowledge your special day in their own unique way. Some responses are kind, while others are blunt and straightforward, or even borderline rude—even though you know the villager means well.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp birthday wishes

(Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp via Nintendo)

But, unlike other Animal Crossing titles, gifting isn't really a thing in Pocket Camp. While villagers will occasionally hand over free bells or crafting resources,  it doesn't seem like they'll be giving players useful more valuable items, like furniture, anytime soon.

In place of presents, they offer something that Pocket Camp players might find even more valuable: bonus hearts. This is the only Animal Crossing game involving a level-up system, and reaching higher levels means players get more goodies and unlock bigger and better items to craft.

Players can only level up by building their friendships with the other characters. Every completed errand or meaningful conversation with a villager adds a certain number of hearts to a friendship meter. 

On your birthday, every one of these actions accrues extra hearts. For example, completing a task usually gives you two hearts, you'll get three instead. This can put you on the fast track to becoming besties with every animal in town, so it's wise to use these bonuses to your advantage.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Alfonso bonus

(Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp via Nintendo)

Best of all, this birthday bonus extends past your actual day of birth. The effects appear to last for about a week after your actual birthday, so use that time to befriend everyone you can. Before the week is through, you'll be able to make some major progress.


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