These Adorable Animals Got a First Class Flight to Their New Home

If you could pick the plane ride of your dreams, we are sure this Southwest Airlines flight would make your list.

On Tuesday morning, one of Southwest's Boeing 737 jets took off from the Houston area for the aircraft's final flight. This trip, however, was no run-of-the-mill plane ride. Instead of human passengers, the main cabin was filled with 64 cats and dogs!

Southwest Airlines partnered with the Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego to find a new home for animals who were displaced during Hurricane Harvey. In the aftermath of the storm, many shelters were left without electricity or supplies to take care of their furry tenants. To help ease the burden of rescue organizations in Houston, this Boeing 737 evacuated 64 furry friends from the treacherous area around Houston to their new home in sunny California.

The animals were snug inside their carriers in the main cabin of the plane, either buckled into the seats or firmly stowed in the area below each chair.

The aircraft and its furry cargo landed safely in San Diego, and the adorable animals were welcomed to their new home with open arms.

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