Every Anxious Flyer Will Relate to These Travel Truths

People who are afraid to fly are a very specific kind of people.

While most can probably relate to the unnatural feeling of soaring thousands of feet above the ground in a metal contraption, not everyone's anxieties register at the same degree.

It's not necessarily a fear of heights and it's not quite claustrophobia… it's an entirely separate brand of stress all together. If you suffer from flying anxiety, you'll relate to all of the travel truths below:

Still from movie Bridesmaids during airplane scene

(Bridesmaids via Universal Pictures)

1. You've packed countless activities to do during the flight in an attempt to keep your mind off of the fact that you're in a metal box in the sky.

2. …But you never actually do any of them because there is no distraction alluring enough to forget the above fact.

3. That feeling when the plane takes off and you've just begun the worst rollercoaster of your life.

4. You do not relate to airplane window snapshots. Why would you look down? Never look down.

Picture taken of the sky out of an airplane window

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5. You pay extremely close attention to the emergency safety instructions before the flight. This is serious, people, quiet down.

6. On that same note, you're more than annoyed when the very informative and important safety instructions are delivered via a funny video on the tiny screen in front of you. Why is no one taking this seriously??

7. Babies on your flight is not your worst nightmare. You on your flight is your worst nightmare.

8. Every single bump sends terror through your body and you're pretty sure "light turbulence" is the pilot's way of keeping passengers calm in the face of a torrential storm. We demand the truth, Captain!

9. You would really like to meet your pilot and, you know, get a peek at those credentials.

Plane's captain

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10. Unbuckling your seatbelt after the light goes off has never been an option.

11. The big questions: What if you get sucked out of the plane through the bathroom toilet? All I want to know is if that's even a possibility… can someone please get the answer to that?

12. You triple check that you've powered down all of your mobile devices because they could cause the plane to spiral down. You think.

13. No, you would not like anything to eat, because your stomach is in knots.

14. Every time the plane tilts to change direction you brace yourself for the worst.

Woman with a migraine on a plane

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15. While everyone else seems to be comfortable with the temperature on board, you have your air nozzle blasting full force because you're sweating from the stress. Is it hot in here or is it just me? Just me. Cool.

16. The "call" button is ever so tempting and you have to resist the urge to press it every time something even remotely jarring happens.

17. Even though you're overwhelmingly happy to be landing, those little bunny hops on the runway have you gripping your arm rests.

18. When you land you tell yourself, "That wasn't so bad!" Until the return trip…


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