10 Memes You'll Relate to If You've Ever Had to Apologize to Someone

All of us make mistakes, and when that happens, apologies are typically in order.

But apologies aren't always easy to dish out—or receive—with grace. Whichever end of the blame-taking you're on, we're sure you'll relate to these memes.

Sometimes, we have a lot to apologize for:


Food makes everything better, even if you don't want to admit it:


Therefore, it's also logical that a lack of food makes everything worse:


You shouldn't be held accountable for anything you shout while gaming:


Sorry for being sorry about being sorry:


When a simple apology isn't enough:


When even chocolate is telling you to apologize less:


When you're dropping nothing but the truth:


We can be petty like that:


Our apology for this whole article:


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