Apple Pie Oreos Are the Latest Creative Cookie You HAVE to Try

Just in time for fall, Oreo has released another limited edition flavor—apple pie.

The famous cookie company is always experimenting with new flavors, from peanut butter and jelly to Dunkin' Donuts mocha, but how does this one compare? We bought a pack of them to find out for ourselves.

Apple Pie Oreos packaging

Visually, these new Oreos are nothing to write home about. The crispy cookie wafers are a light golden brown color, and the creme filling is a tannish beige. But though they may be a bit monochromatic, Oreos are really about how they taste.

Apple Pie Oreos stack

And this cookie tastes good. The wafers taste just like graham crackers, with a hint of cinnamon, and the creme has a unique flavor that reminds us a bit of apple butter. It tastes more like a sharp dried apple than a fresh apple, or even an apple baked with cinnamon and sugar.

Together, the two flavors blend well, but they're not reminiscent of a pie. We expected the apple pie Oreos to have a completely innovative flavor, yet it seems familiar. We think it resembles the flavor of pre-packaged cereal bars with an apple filling.

Apple Pie Oreos cream filling

Overall, these cookies are super tasty, even if they're nothing like an apple pie. We firmly believe there's nothing wrong with trying as long as the result is delicious.


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