Apparently THIS Is the New Oreo Flavor Hitting Shelves in July

Brace yourselves, Oreo-lovers, a new flavor is about to hit shelves sometime in July.

All we have to say is we hope you like coffee, because a mocha-flavored Oreo is heading your way soon.

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In what just might be the greatest collaboration of all time, Dunkin' Donuts teamed up with Oreo to help bring this coffee cookie to life.

Before you go all "This is just a rumor" on us, we're happy to report it's not. An Oreo representative confirmed the release of the mocha-flavored Oreos to Delish back in April. So ha!

What we're really curious about though is how much caffeine is actually in this cookie. Because if we can replace our morning coffee with Oreos, we're in.

And while this creation is indeed real, there are murmurs that an apple pie-flavored Oreo will also be appearing on grocery store shelves shortly.

It's just talk, but we'd be all for an Oreo inspired by this all-American treat.


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