These Adorable Etsy Items ONLY Make Sense If You're an Aquarius

Aquarians tend to love all things related to astrology, and they firmly believe in their horoscopes.

That's why we think they're going to really like this list of Etsy items made just for them.

Aquarius Zodiac Constellation Necklace: $35

Pay tribute to the stars that make up your zodiac constellation with this starry necklace. You can also modify the birthstones to red garnet if you were born in January, or violet amethyst for February—or you can go for a refined cubic zirconia look. If you're feeling really fancy, you can also opt for the $280 14K gold versions. So many options!

Aquarius zodiac constellation necklace

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Aquarius Nutrition Facts Tee : $15

This T-shirt broadcasts all of Aquarius' most notable traits, so everyone you meet will know precisely what they're in for.

Aquarius Nutrition Facts T-Shirt

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Aquarius Moisturizing Face Mask: $4.99

Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer, so it follows that Aquarians should always keep their faces smooth and moisturized. This face mask is made of natural ingredients like almond oil, honey and rosewater to do just that.

Aquarius face mask

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Aquarius Star Map Necklace: $95

If the constellation necklace is a bit too sparkly for your taste, try this more subdued star map necklace. It also acknowledges the starry origins of your sign with the help of a subtle pendant.

Aquarius star map necklace

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Aquarius Amethyst Nail Polish: $18

This silvery nail polish is infused with real amethyst crystals, the birthstone of most Aquarians. Amethysts are also said to help sometimes aloof Aquarians focus and find balance in their lives. The color is also meant to complement the personalities of the sign.

Aquarius amethyst nail polish

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Aquarius Waterbearer Journal: $12

These journals, crafted in India, feature large black pages and a cover that's suited only for Aquarian scribblers. With its unique design, no one else will ever confuse your notebook for their own.

Aquarius water bearer journal

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Aquarius Healing Crystal Set: $6.50

Aquarians are said to be more in tune with their spirits than any other sign, and these healing crystals are hand-picked to heal an Aquarius soul. This pack includes aquamarine, blue onyx, hematite and amethyst crystals to cleanse the mind and soul.

Aquarius healing crystals

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Aquarius Charm Candle: $7.90+

This soy candle is infused with lemon, rose, pine and other essential oils, not just because they smell great but because of their spiritual properties, which might positively influence Aquarius. We think the blue packaging and moon charm are super cute, too.

Aquarius candle

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Aquarius Symbol Ring: $13

This cute, simple sterling silver sing is just the way to rep your Aquarius pride without showing off.

Aquarius water bearer sign ring

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Aquarius Essential Oil Stick: $12.31

This roller bottle applicator carries a fragrant blend of walnut oil, plus lemongrass, rosemary and lemon essential oils. It smells great and is curated especially for the needs of Aquarians.

Aquarius essential oils stick

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Aquarius Loose Leaf Tea: $6.53

This fruity herbal tea is made just for Aquarians. Featuring dried hibiscus, rosehip, orange peel, peaches and apples, it's chockful of antioxidants.


Aquarius loose leaf tea

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