6 Major Things People Get Wrong About Aquarius

Aquarius season kicks off Jan. 20 and goes until Feb. 18, so we're here to start the celebration.

We figured the best way to do that was by debunking some popular myths about the zodiac sign.

Scroll below for six major things everyone gets wrong about Aquarius.

They're Heartless

It's true that Aquarius are guarded with their hearts. They don't let anyone in right away. It takes a while for them to fully trust someone and fall head over heels for them. But they're anything but heartless. Just because they don't express their feelings for people in a typical way, doesn't mean they're cold-hearted. When the right person comes along, they love unconditionally.

Regina from Once Upon a Time

(Once Upon a Time via ABC)


They're Pushy About Their Opinions

Aquarius are known for having some out-there opinions that they're pretty proud of. They're vocal about their beliefs, but not because they're trying to push them on others. They really just want to hear what others have to say and use it as their way to get to know people better. They know they're not always right, and tend to appreciate when you prove them wrong.


They're Total Loners

If there's one thing Aquarius truly cherishes, it's their alone time. But this isn't because they're loners. They're all about spending time with new and exciting people, but they need their alone time to recuperate. They tend to overspend their energy when they're out and about, which is why they need more time away from others than the usual person.

Nico in Marvel's Runaways on Hulu

(Runaways via Hulu)


They're Standoffish

People often notice how very few friends Aquarius have, which leads them to believe the sign is standoffish. And interacting with an Aquarius for the first time doesn't help disprove this misconception. Basically, Aquarians are just never sure if you want to be friends with them or not, so they always assume you don't. This is why they seem unfriendly at first interaction.


They Lead Dull Lives

Aquarius see the world as a place full of possibilities, so they tend to lead some of the most exciting lives ever. You'll never be bored when you hang out an Aquarius, even if you're only chilling at their place watching Netflix. They're fun people, especially because they hate feeling limited. They constantly push themselves to experience the world in a new way each and every day. No two days are ever the same with this sign.

Daria cartoon

(Daria via Paramount Television)


They Hate the World

Aquarians don't hate the world, but they are quick to express everything that needs to be changed. Again, they're not ones to hide their opinions from anyone. Ultimately, they strive to make the world a better place for us all. So they aren't a fan of how things are working out? So what? They simply state their disdain, because they know the world is capable of much greater things. One day, they'll make it all right.


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