If You're an Aquarius, These Are The Fashion and Beauty Trends You Should Rock

Aquarius girl, you are one strong, independent and exquisitely unique individual.

When it comes to fashion and beauty, you don't let anyone influence your personal taste.

If you're looking to switch up your wardrobe or beauty routine with just one or a couple minor changes, scroll below and style yourself from head to toe in seven of the trends that suit your sign best.

Leopard Print

Aquarius, you will never be mainstream. Your goal in life is to stand out, express yourself and to make your thoughts and feelings known. Just like you, your wardrobe should say something. Tell the world you're wildly fun by adding some cool leopard print into your wardrobe. Maybe a stylish coat like the one below?! ????


Patched Jeans

As a fan of all things obscure, some patched pants like the ones below would fall perfectly into your style realm. The thing you'd appreciate most about a pair of patched pants is that you can spice them up however you want by adding your own flair!


Athleisure Gear

One thing is for sure about you, Aquarius: You hate limitations or anyone or anything that tries to hold you back. For that reason, you must add more athleisure gear to your wardrobe! Yoga pants and a slouchy t-shirt should be one of your many go-to outfits.

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Vibrant Makeup

If you're not already experimenting with bold and bright makeup palettes, now is your time! Blue and silver are the hues that look best on you, so go ahead, experiment and show the world you're anything but dull.

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Simple Jewelry

While you may look great with bold makeup, when it comes to jewelry, it's best an Aquarius like yourself keeps it simple with delicate pieces. Why not try a subtle necklace like the one below?

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Colored Hair

You easily adapt to big changes, and we're pretty sure it's time for a big change in hairstyle for you. Transform yourself and feel freer than ever by dying your hair a different hue. We suggest a bright turquoise or lavender. ????


Bold Shoes

No outfit is truly complete without a good pair of shoes. For you, Aquarius, you need a shoe that displays your creativity. Go for a color, style and design that is bold and totally fun. This pink heel with glitter is right up your alley.


Once you've incorporate at least one item from this list into your style, head over HERE and prepare to agree with struggles that will only make sense if you're an Aquarius.