11 Ariana Grande Lyrics That Make the Sassiest and Sappiest Instagram Captions

Every Ariana Grande fan knows this girl has some seriously catchy lyrics.

Once you listen to one of her tunes, it's nearly impossible to get it out of your head. Not that we would ever want to, tbh.

But her lyrics can also serve a purpose you may have never considered: They make the sassiest and sappiest Insta captions around.

Keep scrolling for 11 of Ari's best lyrics to caption all of your pics.

For a flirty selfie hoping your crush will notice you:

"Been waiting and waiting for you to make a move."

-"Into You"

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For a #TBT snap of you cradling your cat in your arms:

"Now I can't wait to hold you in my arms."



For a pic of the perfect score you got on an incredibly hard test:

"On a scale of one to 10, I'm at 100."

-"The Way"


For a sappy post for your anniversary with your S.O.:

"I love you more than anything, but the words can't even touch what's in my heart."

-"Baby I"


For a dramatic post-breakup shot:

"Is it love when we've given up before we tried?"

-"Leave Me Lonely"


For a snap of the delicious meal you're about to devour:

"I'm running through your veins."



For a video of you and your besties living it up at a party:

"If you wanna party, put your hands up."

-"Better Left Unsaid"

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For a sweet birthday post for your BFF:

"I'll give you the fire I keep inside. Guide you all the way down, be a night light."



For a candid of you grinning from ear to ear:

"Your heart is the biggest gift you can give anyone."

-"Love Is Everything"

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For a post-workout boomerang of you flexing your muscles:

"I'm stronger than I've been before."

-"Break Free"


For a #TransformationTuesday pic of your squad over the years:

"But the hard times are golden, 'cause they all lead to better days."

-"Be Alright"


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