Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Are Reportedly Engaged—and Twitter Is Shocked

In case you missed it, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are supposedly engaged.

While we totally ship this adorable couple, we have to admit that it's a little unexpected, considering the pair has only been dating for a few weeks.

And it seems we're not the only ones reeling from this announcement. Keep scrolling to see our favorite Twitter reactions.

First iHOb and now this:


This person who just explained all our feelings:


This is just a little too real for us:


We're definitely not doing this exact thing right now:


This person who was exactly as unprepared as we were:


What better way to explain your feelings than with a classic meme?


Honestly, same:


This over-exaggeration that doesn't feel too far from the truth:


We're not quite sure what's happening here, but we still love Ariana. If you want to show your support for the singer, click HERE for 11 Ariana Grande lyrics that make the sassiest and sappiest Instagram captions.