A Definitive Ranking of Ariana Grande's 10 Most Underrated Songs

Ariana Grande gets better and better with every song she comes out with.

Every time she releases a song, we believe it's her best yet, then she finds a way to top herself (and the charts) from a totally unique musical perspective.

Even though we're huge fans of her biggest hits, there are some hidden gems within her repertoire that don't get the attention they deserve. Because of that, we decided to rank Ariana's 10 most underrated songs.

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10. 'Put Your Hearts Up'

A long-forgotten gem, "Put Your Hearts Up" is Ariana's debut single that she released way back in 2011. The songstress has come a long way since then, but we'll never forget this timeless classic. It's where our obsession with Ariana began, and every time we listen to it, we're reminded why we fell in love with her all over again. Only true fans still listen to this bop. Respect the past, embrace the future.


9. 'Santa Tell Me'

Ariana doesn't just make catchy and empowering pop music, she's also pretty talented at writing Christmas hits that we actually enjoy. We're not the biggest fans of Xmas tunes, other than Ari's entire holiday discography and Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" (if you don't belt out the lyrics every time this song comes on, we don't trust you). And while Mariah's hit is the Christmas song of Christmas songs, we think "Santa Tell Me" is right up there with it. We'd love for the radios to blast this hit more come Christmas time.


8. 'My Everything'

The titular track off Ariana's second studio album, "My Everything" still tugs at our heartstrings the second the piano starts playing. It's such a powerful song and truly one of the most emotional ones Ariana has ever released. We're fighting back tears as we're listening to it right now, because it's that good.


7. 'Almost Is Never Enough' feat. Nathan Sykes

Ariana has collaborated with a ton of amazing artists over the years, including Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd and the late Mac Miller. But one of our all-time favorites was with the former member of boy band The Wanted, Nathan Sykes. They both have incredibly powerful voices with insane ranges that came together so perfectly on this lovey-dovey track from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.


6. 'Leave Me Lonely' feat. Macy Gray

Another collaboration we feel is often overlooked, Macy Gray and Ariana delivered a sultry masterpiece with "Leave Me Lonely." For those of you who don't know Macy, she's an absolute legend, icon and star. We hope you do your research after listening to this song. Anyway, this song feels so cinematic and like we're listening to a movie, if that makes any sense.


5. 'Daydreamin' '

If any song perfectly portrays all those butterfly in your stomach-type feelings you get when you start crushing on someone, it's this one. Sweet and whimsical, it's always been one of our favorite Ariana songs since it dropped. The styling is very '60s-esque with an updated flair that only Ariana could add.


4. 'Just a Little Bit of Your Heart'

For those of you who didn't know this, this little ditty was written by former One Direction member Harry Styles. Yep, you read that right. The Harry Styles wrote this song. Every time we hear it, it takes our breath away. The simple yet intricate piano paired with Ariana's soft yet mighty vocals make for one dynamic serenade. Even though she didn't write it, this song feels as if it were meant for Ariana to sing.


3. 'Honeymoon Avenue'

"Honeymoon Avenue" is one of those songs you just can't compare to any other out there. There are so many elements and layers to it, yet they all work incredibly cohesively to make one of the most climactic Ariana hits of all time. Say what you will, but we're convinced this is the song that lead Ariana to become the musician she is now. If it weren't for this tune, we wouldn't have the Sweetener we know and love.


2. 'You Don't Know Me'

No matter which Ariana song we're listening to, we always feel empowered. But of all her inspiring anthems, this one motivates us to embrace who we are the most. "You Don't Know Me" serves as the ultimate reminder to ignore what the haters have to say about how we live our lives. Only we know what's best for us, so the critics can all take a back seat. As Ariana would say now, thank u, next.


1. 'Be Alright'

Of every single Ariana song out there, "Be Alright" is definitely the most underrated one of them all. An upbeat, pop hit, it never ceases to get us out of a funk. When life has thrown us yet another unnecessary curveball, we blast this hit and dance the sadness away. We're going to be alright, mainly because a tune like this exists, but also because Ariana says so.


Listen to these underrated bops by following the Spotify playlist below:


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