This One Simple Product Created These Mind-Blowing Sculptures

Italian artist Maurizio Savini uses a rather unlikely medium for his intricate sculptures—bubble gum!

The pink and sugary oral delight is crafted into some insanely rad pieces of art that you have to see to believe. Keep scrolling to see six of our fave sculptures from this talented artist.


1. Porcupine

This little guy isn't as prickly as he seems. We kind of wish all porcupines were like him IRL.

Porcupine bubble gum sculpture by Maurizio Savini

(via Emmanuel Freeman Gallery)

2. Bear

Now most people would scream in terror if a real bear was posted outside their front door. If it were this bubblegum bear, we'd probably let him in. He can't be that harmful, can he?

Bear bubble gum sculpture

(via Emmanuel Freeman Gallery)


3. Chandelier

We'd like to see Sia try her hand at swinging from this chandelier.

Pink bubble gum chandelier

(via Emmanuel Freeman Gallery)


4. Badger

Bubblegum badger don't care. He does what he wants!

Badger bubble gum sculpture

(via Emmanuel Freeman Gallery)


5. Wolf

We're not hungry like the wolf, we're hungry for the wolf.

Wolf bubblegum sculpture

(via Emmanuel Freeman Gallery)


6. Crocodile

You don't scare us, pink crocodile. Okay…maybe you do, but only teeny tiny bit.

Crocodile bubblegum sculpture

(via Emmanuel Freeman Gallery)


People are also creating some magical art pieces out of bubbles. Yes, you can make sculptures out of bubbles. See them HERE.