10 Artists to Listen to If You Like Ariana Grande

There's no one quite like Ariana Grande.

A unicorn in her own right, this girl can sing, dance, act, and is arguably one of the sweetest (and also, sassiest) humans on the planet. She's a shining star who offers nothing but love and acceptance through her empowering and anthemic songs.

No one may be able to hold a candle to this little lady, but there are plenty of artists out there who have just as much to offer as Ari in their own unique ways.

You might be familiar with some of these artists, but some of them you've probably never heard of. So without further ado, let's get to the good stuff. Scroll below to discover 10 musicians every Ariana fan should also be listening to!

1. Jessie J

We know Jessie J seems like an obvious choice, seeing as Ari collaborated with her and Nicki Minaj on the 2014 hit "Bang Bang," but Jessie is so underrated for the amount of talent she possesses. Girl has an insane vocal range and always stays true to herself as an artist and individual. Her music is liberating to listen to, inspiring us to simultaneously let loose and take control of our lives.

2. Caroline Rose

Caroline Rose is truly one-of-a-kind. A folky country star-turned-pop-rock-vocalist, she's not afraid to be herself and share her interesting life experiences through her music. She's also one of the funniest individuals you will ever meet, and if you ever have the pleasure of seeing her live, you'll see what we mean. She understands life's too short to be anything but unapologetically honest with who you are and what you do.

3. Ravyn Lenae

R&B artist Ravyn Lenae has a voice as sweet as honey, making it so easy to get lost in the worlds she creates with her carefully crafted melodies and vocal runs. Whether you're in love or still trying to find the one, you'll find her love songs incredibly relatable.

4. Lizzo

If you're looking for an artist who can offer an endless supply of pump-up hits, rapper and hip-hop artist Lizzo is your girl. Her tunes are light and upbeat, yet still offer a sense of empowerment and inspiration. Needless to say, you could definitely benefit from playing her positive songs on heavy rotation.

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5. Fletcher

Pop artist Fletcher isn't afraid to speak her mind, or in this case, sing it. Every single one of her powerful hits has a very important message behind it, reminding us about the importance of being aware of what's going on in the world. And her voice is practically flawless. She could sing us the dictionary and we'd still feel emotionally overwhelmed.

6. Madison Beer

Madison Beer may share a bit of a resemblance to Ariana, but there are more reasons why she's on this list. First of all, her voice is all sorts of soothing to hear. We don't know how an angelic voice like that can come from a human, but somehow it does. Her repertoire of work is also incredibly varied, so no matter your mood, you'll find a song of hers you enjoy.

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7. Liv Dawson

Singer-songwriter Liv Dawson doesn't have as extensive a collection of work as most artists, but she's already found her voice and developed a sound that's completely unique to her. Her voice is incredibly comforting, leaving you feeling understood when listening to her music.

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8. Lights

Lights is an artist who everyone should get behind. She never plays by the rules, so you can always expected the unexpected with this firecracker. Recently, she released an album in conjunction with a comic book she both wrote and designed. Her creativity knows no bounds and we're so excited to see what else she gives to the world.

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9. Ella Vos

Honest to a fault, indie artist Ella Vos shares more than just her endearing and heartwarming music with the world—she's practically an open book with what she's willing to share. It's refreshing to see an artist not shy away from vulnerability, because it's not an easy thing to do.

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10. Sabrina Claudio

Sultry and sensual, Sabrina Claudio's voice may be soft on the ears, but her music is straight-up powerful. Brimming with emotional lyrics and calming instrumentals, you'll want to listen to this R&B artist for hours on end. Once you press play on any of her tracks, you won't be able to stop.

Get to know these artists even better by listening to some of our favorite tunes by them on the playlist below:


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