How Ashlee Elle Turned Her Passion for Crochet Into The Dream Crochet Shoppe and a Brand New Book

From the moment Ashlee Elle learned how to crochet, she knew she could push the medium and go far with her passion and talents.

Through crochet, she couldn't just copy patterns to make cute, eye-catching pieces of clothing, but invent her own, and it wasn't long before she started taking her love of retro fashion to craft her own vintage-inspired crochet patterns and pieces. Today, the designer, model and photographer runs the DreamCrochetShoppe on Etsy, where she's sold patterns to thousands upon thousands of customers around the world. She's also the author of the new book Retro Crochet: Vibrant Vintage-Inspired Looks from the '70s, '80s, and '90s, featuring some of her most fun and colorful clothing and accessory patterns. As crochet lovers ourselves, we just had to learn more about Ashlee's history as an artist and entrepreneur, and she told us all about herself in the interview below.

Name: Ashlee Elle

IG handle: @thedreamcrochet

Hometown: Houston, Texas and Middletown, Delaware

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

1. Ashlee has always seen crafting as a form of self-expression.

"As soon as the world of crochet was introduced, I knew it was something I could truly push the creative boundaries with. Once I created my first design, I knew that this path would be an innovative one where I could create the things I always wanted to see."

-Ashlee Elle

Ashlee Elle Crochet Style headshot

(Image courtesy of Ashley Elle)

2. Her favorite piece for going out is a handmade cardigan.

"There is something about bringing a piece of warmth that you created and to be able to wear it out into the world, as well, is an incredible feeling."

-Ashlee Elle


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3. For Ashlee, the name "Dream Crochet" means being able to create anything you can imagine.

"Nothing is truly beyond reach. Any and every dream is attainable—and I truly wanted to represent that concept through my creations."

-Ashlee Elle

4. The Dream Crochet is all about creating pieces that help you step into your true self.

"Create what you would like to see, with the hope to be different in the perspective of challenging one's own innovation, as well as self-expression through the art fiber field."

-Ashlee Elle

5. She's a big fan of retro patterns, in part because the styles of the past are always reflected in the present.

"There are numerous attributes that the retro style exhibits that I wholeheartedly admire and love to represent with a modern, handmade take for the present."

-Ashlee Elle


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6. One of her favorite quotes is, "When a door closes, another window opens."

7. Being mindful and present, as well as always creating what truly inspires her, has gotten Ashlee to where she is today.

8. Her proudest career moment has simply been sharing her creativity with others, and inspiring them to create as well.

"I am beyond grateful to have created the Retro Crochet book as well as to share numerous inspirational designs for the craft through all of these incredible experiences."

-Ashlee Elle

Ashlee Elle Retro Crochet Book Cover

(Retro Crochet: Vibrant Vintage-Inspired Looks from the '70s, '80s, and '90s via Rocky Nook)


9. She'd love to put out other books in the future.

10. Above everything else, she loves being an innovator and to share her craft with the world.

"The one thing I would like others to know is that I love every opportunity to be creative and to reach outside of the box, and that I adore and am immensely grateful for the opportunity to share this craft with so many other incredible creators."

-Ashlee Elle


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