FLASH GIVEAWAY: Win Asia Monet Ray's Adorbs Furry Boots! ?WINNER UPDATE!

Hi everyone! I'm back at Sweety High and we have SO many amazing things planned for you guys that will be happening in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!?But I do have something special for your right now while you wait. I couldn't believe all the attention these cute Fluffy Wuffy boots got, so I thought it would be so fun if I could give away a pair to ONE of you in a FLASH GIVEAWAY!

asia monet ray fuzzy wuzzy boots giveaway


I had such a fun time reading all of your comments and hearing about the colors you love best and all of your BFFs! It was SO hard picking just one of you to win, but after thinking about it for a long time, the winner is…

Congratulations, Sophie!

Sophie said…

"Hey Asia,
I love your dancing to start off!!! You have so much attitude and you rock a duet with Kenzie. You are truly an inspiration to everyone just to be so brave and look how far you e come since the first episode aired. Don't even get me started on your style. Love those dancewear and you kill it with those boots. I personally love the white ones but I think my friend Casey would love the black ones. I've known her since preschool and we've grown up together and we would love these boots.thanks for being such a huge inspiration for me and for everyone. It would mean the world to me if you and those fuzzy boots noticed me!!!! ?"

I just know you're going to LOVE your white Fluffy Wuffies, and I hope your friend Casey is super excited to get her pair, too! ?




Look at how many cute colors they come in !!! ?

fluffy wuffy boots colors

So let's get to how you can win…?

Now that I've shared my fave winter boots with you, it's time for you to tell me these 2 things:

  1. Which color Fluffy Wuffies you want to win? ?
  2. Which friend do you think is going to be SO in love with your new boots?

I'm so excited to read ALL of your responses!!!


BONUS! It's the last day to enter ?, so I wanted to add a little something extra! You know how I've been having you all name a friend who'd be obsessed with these boots? Well, the winner I pick will win TWO pairs: one for you, AND one for your friend!

This is a flash giveaway (ending Monday, Nov. 23 at 5pm PT!), so you have to enter like RIGHT THIS SECOND (rules). Once I pick a winner, I'll update this post and announce the winner on my Instagram!

Good luck, Sweetys!!!

?, Asia