You definitely know Asia Monet Ray to be one seriously flawless entertainer who commands attention every time she hits the dance floor, but she’s also an extraordinary singer, actress, drawer, photographer. There’s basically nothing she can’t do. Asia is always chasing her dreams and it inspires us to do the same, which is why we made her our #WCW this week. Obviously she needs to be yours, too!

Asia Monet Ray #WCW art


We’ve been captivated by Asia’s unbelievable dance moves for as long as we can remember. Her routines are always straight up fire!? Asia brings so much sass in this vid, but she gets SUPER fierce at 1:11.

Let’s take a quick minute to appreciate her flexibility. She’s literally a human pretzel!

Asia Monet Ray showing off her flexibility in her Adidas track suit.


And her splits game is seriously off the charts.

Asia Monet Ray doing the splits in an alleyway.


If you think her dancing is truly spectacular, you have to hear Asia’s insane vocal range. Girl’s got pipes!


Asia steals the show in this clip from Sister Code. We predict she’ll be winning an Oscar sometime in the near future.

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Did we mention she’s also one incredibly talented artist? She drew one of our dogs when she came by to visit and it’s arguably one of the best drawings we have ever seen.


She has a fab sense of style. Those boots are to die for.

Asia Monet Ray is wearing pink sunglasses, a multiprint romper, brown boots and holding a white tiger head backpack for a photoshoot with Sweety High.


Asia is a major dog person and we love it! She has a puppy named Mochi and she’s literally the cutest.


She’s all about spending quality time with her fam. How adorable are they though?



But our absolute fave thing about Asia is how much she loves all of you guys, her fans! She supports you just like you support her.

Asia Monet Ray is holding up her hands in the shape of a heart in front of her face.


Are you Asia Monet Ray’s biggest fan? Tell Asia why you love her in the comments below, because she will be reading ALL of them!