How August Royals Channeled Chasing the Ghost of Lost Love Into Latest Single, 'Surrender'

Earlier this month, August Royals released his stunning and emotional debut EP, Inhaler, and we can't stop listening to its 9 unforgettable tracks.

The Georgia-born, L.A.-based singer-songwriter put his all into these new songs, discussing his honest experiences, including his struggles with mental health, and from "All I Need" to "Oxygen" and more, there isn't one that misses the mark. But we've been particularly enamored with his latest single, "Surrender," and we got the chance to chat with August to find out all about the song, and what its powerful lyrics mean to him.


The Story Behind 'Surrender'

August Royals: "Surrender" was inspired by chasing after love from someone that used to exist but isn't actually there anymore. It was just on my mind at the moment when recording.


What 'Surrender' Means

AR: I hear it more metaphorically these days. To me, it sounds like someone's giving up and accepting that you don't care for the bulls*** anymore, you just want some peace in life. That's what I hear in it right now, at least. I hope people that listen to it find some type of way to make it their own, hopefully in a lighter sense like when it was initially written about a relationship and heartbreak.


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August Royals' Favorite Lyric

AR:  "We can't keep this up." I can't sleep most nights and just end up lost thinking about life, my happiness, my purpose, and sometimes I try to drown out my thoughts just to get sleep. First step of helping yourself out of a situation is recognizing you're in one you don't like and know you can't keep up. It's a new meaning to the line, but to me, I hear it as a conversation with myself at this point.


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