Everything You Need to Know About Auricle Piercings

Located in the small, delicate area that connects the ear lobe with the tougher tissue of the cartilage, auricle piercings are an excellent option to add to your piercing collection.

Thanks to its location just below the helix (some people interchange auricle piercings with helix piercings, but the differentiation is important), it's a fairly versatile piercing that isn't particularly painful when compared to other styles. Now that you know what an auricle piercing is, here's you guide to everything else you need to know about this style.

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How Much Does It Hurt?

Thanks to its location at the bottom of the helix where the tissue is still quite soft (basically a combination of soft lobe tissue and tougher cartilage), auricle piercings are fairly low on the pain scale. However, the pain of any piercing will always depend on your personal tolerance level as well as the type of piercing tool used. Your piercer should definitely use a specialized piercing needle for your auricle piercing, so check that you're going to a qualified shop for best results.

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What Does An Auricle Piercing Look Like?

Think of an auricle piercing as the connector between your lobe piercing(s) and any helix piercings that you might have. It's a small, thin area of your ear, but the good news is that you can wear whatever kind of earrings you want to in this small yet versatile spot (once the piercing is fully healed, of course). Rings, hoops or studs, you can accessorize your auricle piercing as you please.


How Long Does It Take to Heal?

Speaking of fully healed piercings, let's talk everything you need to know about healing your auricle piercing. Healing time will vary from person to person, but fortunately an auricle piercing can take just three to nine months to heal fully with proper care. Like most cartilage piercings, auricle piercings are susceptible to complications like piercing bumps, cauliflower ear and other not-so-fun problems, so be sure to consult with your piercer and follow the aftercare steps they provide as closely as possible. As a rule of thumb with all piercings, though, try your best to avoid irritating the piercing while it's still fresh and never change your earrings before it's fully healed.

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Let's Break It Down

When it comes to unique styles of ear piercings, the auricle piercing is a fairly safe yet still differentiated style that might be the right fit for you. It costs only about $30 to 50 to get the piercing itself, but remember not to select your piercer based on price alone. All piercings are technically procedural, so you'll want to get them done by trained professionals you can trust to use proper tools and sterilization. For its general versatility (you can get an auricle piercing along with a set of helix piercing or ass an accompaniment to your existing lobe piercings), earring variety and overall ease of care, an auricle piercing is a great choice for many people, but whether or not it's right for you can only come down to, well, you.


And there you have it, everything you need to know about auricle piercings. Ready to add one to your collection? If so, you might want to think about having a snug piercing added as well. Thankfully, you can check out THIS guide to what you should know about snug piercings.