Autumn Falls Audiobook Recorded By Bella Thorne!

Earlier this week, Bella Thorne announced that she's been recording the audiobook for her upcoming novel, Autumn Falls!autumn falls audiobook bella thorne

Bella Thorne is the co-author Autumn Falls, a book about a girl named Autumn who's doing her best to survive the perils of high school.

After her father passes away, Autumn inherits a journal from him. She later discovers it's a magic journal, and everything she writes becomes reality!

However, because Autumn has dyslexia, the things she writes don't always turn out as she planned!

Bella wrote the book based on her own experiences with bullying and dyslexia. She finished her work on the book in September of last year and we've been waiting to read it ever since!

She also shared an excerpt of the upcoming book on Instagram!

Autumn Falls will releases in book form on November 11. We hope the audiobook will come out around the same time!

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