Autumn Falls Novel By Bella Thorne Goes To Editor!

The first draft of Bella Thorne's upcoming novel Autumn Falls is finished!Autumn Falls

The book's first draft was just sent off to Bella's editor this week! Autumn Falls is a book about a 14-year-old girl who moves to Miami for high school and doesn't fit in.

"She's got big red, frizzy curly hair, super super pale skin," Bella said of the book's protagonist.

When she loses her father, she receives his journal. She begins to write in it, and her writing makes things start to happen in the real world.

"And not only do they happen, but since she's dyslexic, they happen kind of wrong and twisted," Bella said.

Bella wrote the book to show kids that they can do whatever they aspire to do. Bella herself has dyslexia.

"If I'm dyslexic and I can write a book, that shows you that you can too," she explained.

Bella was bullied when she was younger due to her dyslexia and also speaking English as a second language. It eventually caused her to stop going to public schools.

"It's not just teenagers," she said. "I've seen kids who are 10 years old bully other kids. Honestly, it floors my mind."

We can't wait to read Bella's book, and hope it has a huge impact on its readers! Are you planning on buying her book?

We also interviewed Bella recently at TeenVogue's "Back To School Saturday" event. Watch it below!