5 Foolproof Ways to Avoid Embarrassing Yourself on Social Media

Social media is a great space to share your passions, connect with brands and keep up with your friends, family and fave celebs. That said, it'also a place to set yourself up for foolishness.

While yes, it's your account and you have every right to do as you please,  but if you want to avoid being the laughing stock among your peers, there are some guidelines you absolutely need to follow.

Keep reading for five foolproof ways to avoid embarrassing yourself on social media.


1. Don't Post About Your Brand-New Relationship

Posting about your relationship, in general, is a slippery slope. Some folks are all about #couplegoals, while others like to leave an air of mystery to their lives. Even posting about a well-established relationship opens the door to all sorts of commentary—posting about a new relationship not only invites the same commentary but if the romance is short-lived, it could very much lead to some public humiliation as a result of you jumping the gun.

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2. Don't Post Outright Lies

Let's be honest: Everyone exaggerates a little on social media. It seems like that's what it's there for. So if you want to post a no-makeup makeup look and say you "woke up like this," welp—so be it. But if you post a bouquet of flowers from your imaginary "S.O.," you'll never hear the end of it from your peers. Straight-up lies are pretty darn traceable, so just avoid them at all costs. The flack you'll receive isn't worth the very temporary fulfillment.


3. Don't Post Anything You're Even 1% on the Fence About

When in doubt, leave it offline! If there's even the slightest amount of hesitation about something, that should be enough not to post. Only press that "upload" button if you're 100% confident in the content you're about to show the world. Think about it: If you have any doubts about you're about to post, there's a good chance others will question your choice, too.

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4. Don't Post Anything Overly FaceTuned

Going back to No. 2, social media is totally the place to embellish—but you still need to maintain your original identity! This also pertains to editing your photos. We get that you may clear up your skin a bit or slightly alter your arm to make it look a bit more shapely, but making yourself look like an entirely different person or cutting your body weight in half will get you ridiculed by others. You've gotta remember: At the end of the day, the majority of your followers know what you look like, so you're really not fooling anyone if you try to recreate your appearance!


5. Don't Post Anything You Wouldn't Want Your Teachers to See

We don't literally mean your teachers will see it, we just mean that if what you're posting is something you wouldn't be okay with them seeing, then it's probably something you shouldn't post. Anything particularly risqué or inappropriate will totally open the floodgates to chatter from your peers. To avoid them talking behind your back, keep your social posts on the tamer side.

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