Everything You Wanted To Know About Influencer Ayden Mekus

TikTok creator and actor Ayden Mekus has basically become a household name through creating lip-syncing, dancing and humorous content. We're not at all surprised that he has over 6 million followers. He's just that good.

But that's not all Ayden is known for. He also works closely with Dhar Mann Studios and Be A Buddy Not A Bully. He's a positive creator, showing kindness and love to his family, friends and fellow actors. Ayden is also very active on YouTube. With over 1.5 million subscribers, Ayden does everything from creating videos on the hit Netflix series Squid Game to sharing entertaining skits and challenges with his friends. Keep reading to find out more reasons why we made Ayden Mekus our Man Crush Monday.

Ayden Mekus Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Ashley Roberts)

Name: Ayden Lawrence Mekus

Hometown: Burbank, California

Birthday: August 2

Zodiac sign: Leo

Fun Facts:

1. Ayden says he is currently obsessed with split T-shirts with different designs on each side.

2. The Be a Buddy Not a Bully clothing line led him to the path of anti-bullying.

"While attending middle school I saw so much bullying that took place. It happened to me as well, and that was what drove me to find a way to help stop bullying. My shirts all have a positive message, and it's a message that I hope many people get to see when someone is wearing a shirt: 'Be a Buddy Not a Bully.' Being bullied throughout middle school was hard and made me feel lonely.

I overcame it in several ways. One was by getting into acting. Acting gave me a way to start spreading an anti-bullying message to everyone, and with a positive message as well. The more I became known, the more people began to see my message. I was surprised to hear directly from fans on how much my messages meant to them. That made me feel fantastic. Wearing my shirts people can express kindness."

-Ayden Mekus

3. He wishes he learned self-awareness earlier on.

"You can live your life and not know who you are. I was 12 when I figured out my passion. It's through experiences that I learned what makes me happy, what works for me and what my strengths and weaknesses are."

-Ayden Mekus

4. The Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino is his go-to Starbucks drink.

"It's so good with roast coffee and vanilla bean powder, combined with milk and ice, topped with whipped cream. Tastes like happiness."

-Ayden Mekus

5. Working with Dhar Mann Studios has changed his life.

"I love the company, the mission, the team, the fun we all have, and how much I am pushed to success. Dhar really cares about everyone, and it shows a lot. I feel proud to be a part of such a creative and talented team. Dhar Mann Studios is a video production company aimed at creating positive content for the social media generation with short, motivational videos. I use this platform to express my inspiration, working to inspire more people. All the stories we tell have an impactful message at the end that a lot of people can relate to depending on their situation."

-Ayden Mekus

6. Wonder Woman is his fictional character crush.

7. Ayden loves the homemade chocolate cream pie from his hometown diner.

"I have to admit I do like sweets. When we lived in Coronado, California, I would always get this homemade chocolate cream pie from Clayton's Diner. They would run out of it a lot because it was so popular, so I would sometimes get two pieces—one that I ate there and took one home for the next day!"

-Ayden Mekus

8. He recently binge-watched Season 2 of the Netflix series, Outer Banks.

"I don't think I got out of my pajamas. Constantly action packed, I was engaged every step of the way. I loved all the characters and the actors portrayed their roles perfectly. It would be a dream to be in a show like that."

-Ayden Mekus

9. Vanilla is his favorite scent.

"I also like a good smelling candle with lavender scent. It's very calming and relaxing."

-Ayden Mekus

10. When it comes to bullying, he believes in embracing challenges and being grateful, turning any negatives into positives.

"The more thankful you become for everything around you, the more abundance will flow into your life."

-Ayden Mekus

11. Ayden believes he is a positive role model.

"My goal is to continue to inspire and live a meaningful life. Show young people how to live with integrity, optimism, hope, determination and compassion."

-Ayden Mekus


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