Back-to-School Shopping Struggles Every Girl Will Understand

Going back to school at the end of a fun summer is hard, and thinking about what your wardrobe will look like for the rest of the school year is even harder.

We all need to wrestle with our limited shopping budget and try to squeeze out as many impressive outfits as possible.

Those August shopping trips are the most gut-wrenching and we know every girl will relate to three major back-to-school shopping struggles below.

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1. Trying to Avoid Twinning With Every Girl in School

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In the age of social media, some trends are ubiquitous. It's hard to discern if an "it" shoe or accessory will make you look stylish or like a twin to every girl in your grade. Last year we had the whole school in Adidas Stan Smiths, this year it's hard to predict what that "it" item will be. If you can't live without a particular style but fear it may be what every single person in the hall is wearing, opt for purchasing it in a unique color or adding on DIY accessories. Although some trends seem to be inescapable, you can always make them your own with a little creativity.


2. Figuring Out How to Dress to Impress (Your Crush)

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Whether we like to admit it or not, impressing our crush is a big part of our mindset when we're back-to-school shopping. We can't help but wonder how their summer was and if they've changed since we last saw them. Picking your school-year outfits is also a way to show your crush how great you look and how you had the best time without them this summer! You want to strut your stuff, but not look like you tried too hard. You want to look cute, but not too desperate. This clothing conundrum is one that can't be escaped!


3. Budgeting

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Let's talk about these pesky little things called budgets. You worked hard all summer and your parents were kind enough to spot you some cash. You set a budget and feel confident that you will be able to score big when you arrive at your favorite shopping center. Then all of a sudden, out of left field, an amazing (and did we mention super expensive?) pair of shoes intercept you. What do you do? Splurge and go home with just one big ticket item? Or keep the shoes in your dreams and move on to things that are more in line with what you are supposed to spend? It should be easier to make a sensible judgment, but sometimes one really great item gets the best of us.


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