Balms, Buttahz, & Bars Is a New Bath and Body Brand That Deserves Your Attention

Over the years, and through the testing of dozens and dozens of products, I've come to discover that not all bath bombs are made equal.

And while I'll never pass up on the opportunity to bathe in a tub full of vibrant pops of swirling color and soapy suds, when I really want to relax and unwind, I'm all about bath goodies that leave my skin feeling soft and sumptuous, and my mind cleared with aromatherapeutic scents.

So when the folks behind Balms, Buttahz, & Bars got in touch with me about potentially trying out a few of their bath products, I was thrilled. They sent me some of their top bath goodies to try for myself, and I have to say this brand is among my new favorites.

The Brand

Balms, Buttahz, & Bars is a brand by Nature Inspired Works. After founder Carolyn Booker was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, she found relief in the healing power of nature and realized that the properties of herbs could be used in many areas of life, including self-care. These products, from lotion bars to lip butters, lotions and whipped skin butters, are all plant-derived, pure, natural and certified organic, designed for treating yourself and promoting wellness. For my review, I was sent their Foaming Bath Milk Powder, Lavender Love Mineral Bath Salts and a pack of their Handmade Petals Epsom Salt Bath Bombs.


The Products

Foaming Bath Milk Powder: $12

I decided to start my Balms, Buttahz & Bars experience with something I hadn't tried before—a Foaming Bath Milk Powder. It essentially comes in an oversized teabag, which you run in the water during your bath, filling the tub with deliciously scented water that's also amazing for your skin,

The package includes colloidal oats, goat milk, pink Himalayan and magnesium Epsom salts, sweet almond oil, kaolin clay and more to leave skin smooth, moisturized and nourished. Meanwhile, ingredients including lavender essential oil, rosebuds, rose petals, jasmine buds, blue cornflowers and chamomile and calendula give the mixture a heavenly floral scent that allows for total relaxation in the milky white bath. It essentially turns your entire bath into a giant cup of flower tea, and the experience is so lovely you'll want to repeat it ASAP. That's why it's great that there are three bags in each packet to enjoy.

Balms, Buttahz & Bars bath milk powder

(via Balms, Buttahz, & Bars)


Lavender Love Mineral Bath Salts: $12

I've used a lot of bath salts in my time, and most of them tend to be about the same, so I was surprised when these Lavender Love Mineral Bath Salts blew the others out of the water in terms of how soft they left my skin. I think the inclusion of colloidal oats, on top of the classics like Epsom salt and Himalayan sea salt, made for an extra pleasurable soak, while the amount of lavender essential oil was just right to let me enjoy all of its calming benefits without being overwhelmed. As someone who reviews a lot of products, I have a lot of bath salts, but these were the ones I prioritized and ran out of the fastest for sure.

Balms, Buttahz & Bars mineral salts

(via Balms, Buttahz, & Bars)


Handmade Petals Epsom Salt Bath Bombs: $40

Last, but definitely not least, are the brand's Handmade Petals Epsom Salt Bath Bombs. They come in a luxurious pack of eight and can be customized to your liking in colors blue, pink, white, yellow or orchid and scents Baby Powder, Lavender and White Tea & Ginger, or they can be left unscented.

I was sent a pack of bombs—half Lavender, half White Tea & Ginger—and they are the definition of cozy, luxe bath bombs. When placed under the water, they fizz gently and color the water while nourishing skin with a blend of sweet almond oil, Epsom salt, coco betaine and witch hazel. And while I'm always a sucker for lavender-scented bath treats, I love the White Tea & Ginger even more for its clean, grassy and citrusy scent, complemented by sharp ginger.

Balms, Buttahz & Bars bath bombs

(via Balms, Buttahz, & Bars)


Bottom Line

If you prioritize glowing skin over flashy colors and candy scents when it comes to your bath products, I think you'll love Balms, Buttahz, & Bars. Their products include only the best plant-based ingredients that are wonderful for your skin (and nostrils), are hand-crafted with care and they absolutely don't break the bank.


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