A Definitive Ranking of Every Classic Bath & Body Works Fragrance

It's hard to go wrong with a Bath & Body Works fragrance.

The store is jam-packed with delicious scents that nearly overwhelm all our senses every time we step through the door. And while we'll totally embrace the newer fragrances like Vanilla Bean Noel, Winterberry Wonderland or White Jasmine, nothing can beat the appeal of the classic aromas.

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Timeless as they are, some classic Bath & Body Works scents are still better than others. Though many of our one-time favorites are retired now, we still remember these unforgettable scents—some with fondness, and some with a slight joy that they're no longer on the shelves.

From the not-so-good to the truly amazing, keep scrolling for a definitive ranking of every classic Bath & Body Works fragrance.

15. Country Apple

Ugh, Country Apple. We're sorry Bath & Body Works, but this scent just isn't that good. For starters, it's not the best idea. Who actually wants to smell like an apple on a day-to-day basis? Not us, that's for sure. But even more problematic, the scent doesn't even live up to its name. It has a strong, bitter fragrance that smells somehow synthetic, which is the not the norm for Bath & Body Works products. When it comes to classic fragrances, we're pretty happy this one is retired.

Bath & Body Works Country Apple

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14. Cotton Blossom

If you're choosing a signature scent, a name like Cotton Blossom is less than appealing. Although it's meant to smell like a crisp summer breeze, it immediately makes us think of laundry. And that's sort of what this scent smells like. Although it's mildly refreshing, it's a little too "clean" to really enjoy. It genuinely reminds us of clothes just pulled out of the dryer. While not unpleasant, that's also not what we want to smell like every day.

Bath & Body Works Cotton Blossom

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13. Twilight Woods

Twilight Woods combines berry, mandarin, apricot nectar and cypress wood into one not-that-great concoction. It's supposed to be reminiscent of enchanted woods, but it's a little underwhelming. The scent is very strong, drowning the wearer in a flowery, woodsy smell. But the added addition of fruit confuses the scent. It's supposed to smell woodsy and free, but sometimes it reminds us of rotten produce. All in all, it's not a fragrance we really enjoy. Sorry, Twilight Woods.

Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods

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12. Cashmere Glow

What, exactly, is the scent of Cashmere Glow? What's supposed to be warm and comforting is actually sickeningly sweet and weird. Cashmere Glow combines a peach scent with warm vanilla. Who does that? Those things don't go together. While it's an okay perfume to wear in a pinch, we generally prefer to stay far away from this odd scent.

Bath & Body Works Cashmere Glow

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11. Sensual Amber

While the name Sensual Amber sounds like all kinds of, well, sensual, this smell just isn't. It combines lotus petals and amber with sandalwood, but it's just sort of underwhelming. It smells stiff and unexciting, with nothing to pull us in and keep us buying again and again. It's certainly okay if there's nothing else available, but in general it just makes us go "eh" and shrug our shoulders.

Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber

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10. Warm Vanilla Sugar

While Warm Vanilla Sugar is actually very popular, we just can't get on board with it. It's warm and inviting at first sniff, but it quickly becomes overwhelming. The vanilla scent is overpowering and incredibly sweet, which makes it difficult to wear this fragrance for a full day. Popular as it may be, it's certainly not our first choice, and we don't see ourselves changing our minds any time soon.

Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar

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9. Pink Chiffon

Pink, pink, and more pink—that's what this fragrance is all about. It's like the creators wanted to bottle up the scent of pink and sell it, which is basically what they did. This scent combines red pear, jasmine petals, vanilla orchid, tiare flower and chiffon musk into one interesting concoction. While it's certainly not bad, it feels like all the scents are competing with one another. Is it sweet? It is musky? It is flowery? It's really hard to tell. While it can keep your attention for a while, eventually it just starts to feel confused and a bit dull, which is not what you want out of a good fragrance.

Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon

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8. Plumeria

The name Plumeria sounds so classy, so it only makes sense that the fragrance would match. This scent has a flowery smell that mimics that of the Plumeria flower with a touch of jasmine. It's quite nice, especially if you're a huge fan of floral scents. While it can smell a little too outdoorsy after a while, it's generally a safe choice that's perfectly enjoyable.

Bath & Body Works Plumeria

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7. Pink Cashmere

While the name Pink Cashmere doesn't actually denote a scent, it does make you think of sparkles, glamour and a general princess-y feel. This scent combines pink jasmine, sandalwood and white amber in one sweet-smelling concoction. Unlike Pink Chiffon, this scent definitely has a direction. The fragrance choices combine nicely, resulting in a scent that's actually very enjoyable. It's not our favorite, but it's not our least favorite, which is a pretty good spot to be.

Bath & Body Works Pink Cashmere

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6. Moonlight Path

One of the few fragrances that's still going strong, Moonlight Path is quite the enjoyable scent. It's meant to remind you of a nighttime walk through a garden, and it certainly accomplishes that job. Moonlight Path combines jasmine, violets, lavender, lilies and a soft musk for a scent that's flowery, but not overpowering. The floral elements work well together, but they're toned down by the gentle musk you can smell in the background. While it may be too floral-focused for some people, we'd consider this scent a total success.

Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path

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5. Cucumber Melon

While Cucumber Melon doesn't sound like an everyday scent, we actually love the fresh smell of this classic fragrance. It combines cucumber, honeydew, cantaloupe, grapefruit, and a woody scent to create this refreshing smell. It's light and understated, but it just smells so natural and clean. It's the perfect choice if you veer away from strong smells for your daily fragrance. While it's maybe not the most alluring aroma, it'll leave you feeling refreshed and pure as you head into your day.

Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon

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4. Paris Amour

Paris Amour—what a name. It sounds like the epitome of romance, which is exactly what this scent reminds us of. With a blend of French tulips and pink champagne, we're not quite sure how this scent came to be. It's certainly flowery in smell, but it's not too overwhelming like some of the other classic scents. It's fresh and lively, but soft at the same time. It reminds us of strolling through a garden, making it a perfect scent to wear day after day.

Bath & Body Works Paris Amour

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3. Juniper Breeze

Ah, Juniper Breeze—an unlikely favorite. While many of the Bath & Body Works classic scents have a soft and sweet smell, Juniper Breeze carries a little more musk. It's meant to smell like a forest of evergreens in the wind with subtle notes of juniper underneath. The juniper berries give it an underlying sense of sweetness, but this scent is primarily dominated by the fresh smell of the great outdoors. While it's not an everyday choice, the fragrance is so refreshing and original that we had to rank it fairly high on our list.

Bath & Body Works Juniper Breeze

(via Bath & Body Works)


2. Sweet Pea

It's hard to beat the inviting scent of Sweet Pea. This classic fragrance is an all-time favorite for most Bath & Body Works customers, which is probably why it hasn't yet been retired. It's a mix of sweet pea, pear, sheer freesia, raspberry and soft musk. The resulting scent is soft and simple, but just strong enough to envelop the wearer in freshness. It's light, but beautiful, which is exactly why we love it so much. 


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1. Japanese Cherry Blossom

Ah, Japanese Cherry Blossom—truly the best fragrance Bath & Body Works has to offer. They must know it, too, since this classic fragrance is one of few that's not retired. Combining notes of cherry blossom, Asian pear, white jasmine and sandalwood, this fragrance is Bath & Body Works at its best. It's sweet, strong, fresh and exciting all at once. It's undoubtedly our top choice in perfume, and one that we'd be delighted to wear again and again, for years to come.

Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom

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