Everything You Need to Know About Selecting Your First Signature Scent

Whether you want to impress your crush or you want to be distinctly associated with one particular aroma, your signature scent speaks volumes.

But there are so many notes (woodsy, floral, citrus, vanilla, to name a few) and forms (perfume, oil, spray, beads) going into this decision that it can be a little overwhelming. Like, how do you know where to begin?!

Well, luckily a fragrance expert gave us all the answers so that you won't be left causing a sneeze-attack on your math class.

Follow the below tips to find the scent that suits you best!

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1. Pinpoint a Special Memory or Vacation

"A lot of people know that the sense of smell is the closest link to our memories, so think back to an experience you've had or a place that you've been and think about what that smells like," Los Angeles-based perfumer Lisa Hoffman of Lisa Hoffman Beauty tells Sweety High. "Was it something that your mother baked? Was it a beach you went to? Think about what that smelled like. And from there, think about the notes and go online to see what fragrances might carry that note and then I suggest you try it."

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2. Don't Let Price (High or Low) Influence Your Decision

Some may assume that an expensively priced fragrance must make it higher quality, and the opposite for a lower-priced scent, but Lisa argues that just isn't the case.

"I think that you don't have to be concerned about a lesser price at all," she says. "There are so many ingredients. Some ingredients are very expensive and they're only used maybe just a drop in a particular perfume and that really raises the price. Whereas, a lower priced perfume may have so many beautiful ingredients that are just more accessible and more affordable. So to me it doesn't really make a difference."


3. Experiment With a Few Different Options Before Committing to One

"It's very important to experience the fragrance—to put it on your skin for a couple hours before you make a final decision because fragrance reacts to body chemistry and it changes," Lisa explains. "It's different on everyone."

If you select your fragrance from a department store, you can ask a sales associate to make you a free sample size of your scent of choice so that you can get a few wears before making a final decision.

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4. If a Liquid Fragrance Is Too Overpowering, Opt for Fragrance Jewelry Beads

Lisa just developed an incredibly innovative, non-invasive and customizable concept called fragrance friendship bracelets, which are made with scented beads and placed inside fine jewelry. The idea is to match scents (and styles) with a bestie.

Sweety High was with Lisa this week at Reservoir boutique in Los Angeles, where she co-hosted a BFF Perfume Party with fashion blogger Sydne Summer of Sydne Style. We got our hands on these special bracelets (which are available on Lisa's website) and brought them to our besties immediately.

"One of the reasons I came up with this is because the beads don't touch your skin," Lisa says. "So they smell the same on everyone. It makes it so much more giftable. And also, if you like the smell, that's what it's going to be like when you wear it."


Clearly we're a big fan of fragrances over here, and we're not the only ones! Our girl Laura Marano just released her personalized set of scents and she told Sweety High all about it HERE!