The Best Bath and Beauty Gifts for Anyone Who Needs Pampering This Season

After the last couple of years we've all had, it's safe to say that most people deserve a bit of pampering this holiday season.

This year, we're giving all kinds of bath and beauty gifts to our loved ones, and we've been testing out the very best products on the market to narrow it down to our favorites. Whether you're in a gift-giving mood or you're looking for something to treat yourself to a little self-care this year, keep reading for the beauty goodies for anyone who needs to be treated this season.

Kiramoon Silkie Rinse Gentle Hydrating Facial Cleanser: $28

Any good face routine starts with a cleanse, and at the moment, we can't get enough of this Silkie Rinse Gentle Hydrating Facial Cleanser from Kiramoon. Firstly, Kiramoon has the cutest pink and red branding, so it always looks amazing on your beauty shelf, but most of all, it'll get your face spotless, thoroughly removing grime and makeup without leaving the skin feeling totally stripped and dry. With gentle ingredients including ceramides, squalane, rose water and raspberry extract, it's also safe for all skin types while being super hydrating and smelling fabulous.

Kiramoon silkie rinse

(via Kiramoon)


Tracie Martyn Absolute Purity Toner: $60

Sick of enlarged or clogged pores? Tracie Martyn's Absolute Purity Toner will clear them out while also minimizing their appearance. It's formulated with gentle ingredients, including azelaic acid, witch hazel, white tea and olive leaf extract in order to balance and brighten your skin without irritating it. The right toner is the secret to glowing, happy skin, and this toner will get you there, fast.

tracie martyn toner

(via Tracie Martyn)


Pili Ani Self-Care Night Recovery Oil: $72

We think you can never have enough ultra-moisturizing serums, and this Self-Care Night Recovery Oil from Pili Ani is designed to work hard for your skin overnight. Just two to three drops of the blend, including natural, powerful botanical extracts, will revitalize dry skin, leaving it supple while also improving tone. You'll also love the gentle floral smell, perfect for helping you get into a bedtime mindset.

Pili Ani self-care night recovery oil

(via Pili Ani)

Kiramoon Star Jelly: $45

Kiramoon is back on this list because we seriously can't get enough of their products (and the way they look). This Magic Resurfacing Facial gel is an all-in-one treatment for your skincare woes, whether you're dealing with dry skin, enlarged pores or frequent breakouts. The mask (complete with the most adorable brush) exfoliates skin, gently removing dead cells, while softening pores and making your skin look better than ever. It also smells like fresh-cut fruit and almond thanks to its all-natural ingredients and is safe for all skin types.

Kiramoon star jelly

(via Kiramoon)


Petite 'n Pretty 9021-GLOW! Peel-Off Glitter Mask: $20

Want to add a hint of glam to your skincare routine? Then you'll love Petite 'n Pretty's 9021-GLOW! Peel-Off Glitter Mask. It's got natural humectants for powerful moisturization, without clogging, but mostly we love the process of coating our faces in a shimmery glitter mask and satisfyingly peeling away all of the junk on our skin, without any pain whatsoever.

Petite n Pretty 9021 glow peel off glitter mask

(via Petite 'n Pretty)


Lapcos Derma Care Variety Pack: $17

Looking for something a little simpler? We love this Lapcos Derma Care Variety Pack because it contains five incredible masks, each with its own unique benefits. From the Hyaluronic Acid Mask to the Tea Tree Mask, Propolis Mask, Multi Vita Mask and Ceramide Mask, each eco-friendly fiber sheet is hypoallergenic and charged with caffeine to perk up your skin in an instant. It's impossible to choose a favorite—but with the pack of five, you don't have to.

lapcos derma cara variety pack

(via Lapcos)


BESOMA Vibrating Roller Spa Set: $36

If you've ever practiced gua sha, you know how incredible it feels and how great it makes your skin look, and this BESOMA Vibrating Roller Spa Set ups the game by including real rose quartz tools for lymphatic drainage and glowing skin. It comes with a facial roller, with an eye roller attachment, as well as a rose quartz gua sha tool to get rid of puffiness and wrinkles. Rose quartz is also said to correspond with the heart chakra, the energy center of compassion, empathy and love, if you believe in that kind of thing.

BESOMA vibrating facial spa set

(via Soma Beauty)

VOESH Shower & Empower Complete Body Care Set: $50

Want to up your shower game? VOESH has everything you need to take your showers from boring to a spa-like experience. Their Vitamin C Shower Filter goes on your showerhead to not only deliciously scent your shower water but to make the water better for your skin and hair, while their Sugar Scrub + Bubble Wash is fabulous for skin or scalp scrubs and their Exfoliating Glove + Loofah is great for making your skin feel good as new. And believe us—once you start using their filters, it'hard to go back to plain old showers.

voesh shower and empower care set

(via VOESH)


Citrus Tree Soaps Winter Forest: $10

If you're not big on bar soaps, Citrus Tree Soaps will quickly change your mind on the matter. They're made with great ingredients including olive, coconut, avocado and castor oils, plus shea and avocado butters, to make skin feel buttery soft. Their Winter Forest soap is also scented with freshly cut pine, evoking family gatherings around the Christmas tree, to stir up all the nostalgia.

Citrus Tree soaps winter forest

(via Citrus Tree Soaps)


Cuvée Beauty Sugar Scalp Scrub: $35

Lately, we can't get enough of scalp scrubs, and Cuvée Beauty's Sugar Scalp Scrub keeps our scalps refreshed and totally dandruff-free. We love using it in between washes to make hair feel fresh and renewed, as well as the volume it provides with gentle sugar exfoliation. It also includes grapeseed extracts to encourage hair growth and shine.

Cuvee beauty sugar scalp scrub

(via Cuvée Beauty)


Lifetherapy Energized Body Wash & Bubbling Bath: $28

Whether you're just soaping up in the shower or want to take a soak in a luxurious bubble bath, this Energized wash from Lifetherapy has you covered. The enlivening floral, slightly fruity scent is great for morning bathing to perk you right up, and with ingredients including shea butter, coconut oil and vitamins E and B5, it'll also leave your skin feeling vibrant and energized.

lifetherapy energized body wash bubbling bath

(via Lifetherapy)


Moon Bath Nasty Woman Bath Tea: $20

Moon Bath is a company dedicated to turning bathtime into a ritual, and their Bath Teas take that idea to the next level. To enjoy, you must steep the blend of flowers—including damiana, lavender, sunflower and chrysanthemum—in 34. oz of hot water before straining and adding to the bath, enjoying the heat while setting an intention and tuning into your breath. It's a fully unique experience that requires planning and thought, and it's one of the most calming ways to enjoy a bath.

moon bath nasty woman bath tea

(via Moon Bath)


Laki Naturals Cocktail Bath Soaks: $29.99

For those of us that just want to add a splash of fun to bathtime, we recommend these Cocktail Bath Soaks from Laki Naturals. Starting with a soothing and rejuvenating base of Epson salts, Hawaiian sea salts and coconut oil, they then add six playful cocktail-inspired scents that relax the body and mind.

laki naturals cocktail bath soak

(via Laki Naturals)

Lush Snow Fairy: $39.95

For us, it's not the holiday season until Lush gets involved, and this Snow Fairy bundle brings together four epic offerings in the same luscious candy scent, perfect for Christmas. It includes a body wash, bubble bar, bath bomb and body conditioner, and is designed to make every shower and bath as fun and festive as possible.

lush snow fairy box

(via Lush)


Nectar Sweet Bath Treats Snowflake Kisses Gift Set: $65

Looking for a slightly more sophisticated bathtime scent to represent the holidays? This Snowflake Kisses Gift set contains two snowflake-shaped bath bombs, a tub of sugar scrub and a tub of body butter, each in the same dreamy Vanilla Peppermint Crème scent. Not only do they all smell phenomenal, but each one is also formulated with ingredients for treating dry winter skin.

Nectar sweet bath treats snowflake kisses gift set

(via Nectar Sweet Bath Treats)


Deep Seeded Roots AHA Exfoliating Moisturizer: $28

Moisturizing is one of the most important steps of any shower routine, and we love using lotions that go above and beyond to make our skin as flawless as it can be. Deep Seeded Roots gets the job done with an AHA Exfoliating Moisturizer that includes alpha-hydroxy acids, which exfoliate without irritation, rejuvenating skin and leaving it looking soft and healthy.

deep seeded roots aha moisturizer

(via Deep Seeded Roots)


Bushbalm Tush Cream: $22

Who wouldn'benefit from body cream that firms skin? This Bushbalm Tush Cream has a unique blend of ingredients that softens and smooths the appearance of skin in all of your problem areas. While it's made for the tush, you can also use it on the neck, legs, arms, tummy, chest or anywhere you could use a little lift. Even better, it feels amazing on the skin and has the loveliest nutty vanilla scent, so you'll turn to it again and again.

Bushbalm tush cream

(via Bushbalm)


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