Bath & Body Works Drops Over 100 New Products for the Summer

When people ask us where to buy candles, home scents, lotions and soaps, our answer is always Bath & Body Works.

Not only is Bath & Body Works on the more affordable side of things, but their products are always being upgraded and improved. From the packaging to the ingredients to the smells, we're never disappointed. And when we found out about some of their new summer launches, we knew we needed to try them out to see which ones are worth the money. And after trying them, we can say it was tough to narrow it down to our top picks.

Interested? Keep scrolling to find out which of the 100+ new products from Bath & Body Works are perfect for this summer.

Sweet Tooth—Ice Cream Bar and Berry Waffle Cone

Ice Cream Bar 3-Wick Candle: $24.50

If you have a major sweet tooth, this is your one and only warning to not eat the Ice Cream Bar candle. When we tell you it smells exactly like an ice cream store, we aren't exaggerating in the slightest. With hints of glazed chocolate wafer, sweet vanilla and graham cracker, you'll want to light this baby all hours of the day.

ice cream bar candle bath and body works

(via Bath & Body Works)


Berry Waffle Cone Concentrated Room Spray: $8.50

Berry Waffle Cone is our favorite new summer scent of 2021, and for good reason! Upon spritzing this concentrated room spray (which we recommend for the bathroom), your nose will be met with notes of sweet summer berries, golden waffle cone and creamy vanilla. The smell will literally make you crave something sweet—it's that good.

berry waffle cone room spray bath and body works

(via Bath & Body Works)


Day to Night—Sunkissed and Midnight Swim

Sunkissed Super Smooth Body Lotion: $13.50

We love the feeling of being sunkissed during the summer, so why not smell like it, too? Bath & Body Works' new signature scent, Sunkissed, is rich in flavor and smells like a combination of sea salt, vanilla and orange blossom. Spread this body lotion all over for a hydrated and delicious-smelling effect.

sunkissed body lotion bath and body works

(via Bath & Body Works)


Midnight Swim Fine Fragrance Mist: $15.50

Don't you wish you were out on the lake at night, diving off the dock? Make that memory turn into a reality with Midnight Swim. With notes reminiscent of fresh coastal air and blue waters, you will be transported to a different time and place. This fragrance mist is a must in our books.

midnight swim fragrance mist bath and body works

(via Bath & Body Works)


For the Sink—Turquoise Waters

Turquoise Waters Gentle Foaming Hand Soap: $7.50

There's just something about Bath & Body Works' signature gentle foaming hand soaps that make us feel soothed and relaxed. One of their new summer scents, Turquoise Waters, just might take the cake on our favorite soap scent ever. Think sea spray, lily and bergamot—and that's what you get.

turquoise waters gentle foaming hand soap bath and body works

(via Bath & Body Works)


Memorial Day and Fourth of July—Blue Raspberry Snow Cone

Blue Raspberry Snow Cone 3-Wick Candle: $24.50

Who else is excited to celebrate Memorial Day and the Fourth of July? We know we are, and we plan on doing it with this Blue Raspberry Snow Cone candle. If you're a fan of snow cones, expect to smell blue raspberry syrup, cherry and shaved ice. We promise it will make you seek out a real snow cone to get your fix.

blue raspberry snow cone candle bath and body works

(via Bath & Body Works)


For Father's Day—Champion

Champion Deodorizing Body Spray: $13.50

With Father's Day just around the corner, why not treat dad to something from Bath & Body Works? We're absolutely loving the Champion scent, specifically in the form of body spray! If your dad is on the more active side, this is a nice and subtle way to remind him to keep his stink away!

champion mens body spray bath and body works

(via Bath & Body Works)


The Pride Collection—Love Always Wins

Sun-Washed Citrus Whipped Glow-tion: $18.50

We love it when companies show their support for the more underrepresented communities. Bath & Body Works' new "Love Always Wins" collection was created in support for LGBTQA+ people. Our favorite product from the line is the Whipped Glow-tion. With notes of sugared lemons, mandarine and agave, this shea and cocoa butter whipped lotion will leave you feeling moisturized and glowing.

love always wins whipped lotion bath and body works

(via Bath & Body Works)


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