What Your Favorite Classic Bath and Body Works Scent Says About You

If you've ever been in a mall in America, you've likely spent at least some time in Bath and Body Works.

The store is basically a palace of fragrance, full of endless scent combinations in the form of body scrubs, shower gels, and even hand sanitizer. Yet while there are hundreds of Bath and Body Works scents the company has in rotation, true Bath and Body Works fans know nothing will ever top the store's classic scents.

For those of us who grew up spritzing Bath and Body Works sprays around our rooms in the early '00s, you know the scents I'm talking about. Maybe you were gifted a few for your birthday, or your mom always had the classic scents stocked in the form of foaming hand soap.


(via Bath and Body Works)

Whatever your experience with Bath and Body Works, you'll likely be hit with a wave of nostalgia whenever you smell any of these classic scents. Of course, each scent is so different from the next—which means that the one you're most into says a lot about your personality. You know, scientifically speaking.

Pick your favorite classic Bath and Body Works scent below, and we'll tell you everything you need to know about who you are.


You picked out your prom dress months before the actual event. You're a meticulous planner who gets a new bullet journal for your birthday every year. You live for the Pink Drink at Starbucks, but have a preference as to which barista makes it for you. There's a specific ratio you're after, you know?


Moonlight Path

You will defend Twilight's Edward Cullen to anyone who will listen. Your dream is to study abroad in Paris and while you famously said that you don't "do" mainstream pop, you've listened to "Driver's License" by Olivia Rodrigo about a thousand times now.


(via Bath and Body Works)


Country Apple

Your favorite Taylor Swift track is "Our Song." You really want a house with a wraparound porch, like Noah gives Allie in The Notebook. You don't have a horse of your own but you constantly think about signing up for riding lessons.


Warm Vanilla Sugar

You are the mom of your friend group. You love baking cookies, wearing cozy socks, and long Netflix marathons of Virgin River. Your friends know not to text after 9.


Cucumber Melon

You are the spontaneous one in your friend group, and some people wonder how you can possibly have as much energy as you do. You love midnight movies, dessert for dinner and themed SoulCycle classes. You're game for anything.


(via Bath and Body Works)


Cotton Blossom

You don't believe in trends. You believe in capsule wardrobes and practical shoes. Friends go to you for advice because you will always approach every problem with a very clear head.


Mango Mandarin

You're a self-proclaimed flirt and an unapologetic extrovert. You love parties, but just going to them, not throwing them. You need variety in your life in order to be happy, so you float from friend group to friend group at a whim. Fortunately, you know they're all very lucky to have you.


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