Beauty Tips All Korean Girls Follow to Achieve a Flawless Complexion

It seems that everyone is skincare obsessed these days.

After all, you need a killer canvas for your makeup to look good! Korean beauty, better known as K-Beauty, is the leading driver of skincare trends right now, and Korean girls are some of the most skin-savvy in the world.

Below, we've rounded up beauty secrets that Korean girls follow in order to get their coveted, bouncy, glowing skin.

1. Give Your Face a Massage

When we think of massages, we usually think of a relaxing back massage or a muscle-relieving deep tissue… even a foot massage. But Korean women know that massages increase blood circulation and can make your skin look dewy and more hydrated, which is why facial massages are all the rage! Try it out for yourself and spend a little extra time massaging your face in the shower, preferably with an oil cleanser.

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2. Double Cleanse

Korean girls are the queens of the double cleanse. In Korean skincare, it's so important to make sure your face is completely clean before applying products, which is why many Korean girls opt to double cleanse. Start with an oil based cleanser or cleansing balm to remove all your makeup. Then, follow it with a targeted cleanser for your skin type to finish the job.


3. Switch to an Oil Cleanser

If you're only down to wash your face once, Korean girls swear by oil cleansers. K-Beauty is all about delicate products that don't tug or tear at your sensitive facial skin. Cleansing oils tend to be on the more natural side and easily dissolve makeup and other grime.

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4. Use Facial Essences to Supercharge Moisturizers

Korean girls were the first to jump on the essence bandwagon, using a lightweight liquid product that goes on after your cleanser, but before your serums and moisturizers. The whole point of an essence is to prep the skin and allow it to fully absorb the rest of your facial products, so it helps supercharge your moisturizer for dewy, hydrated skin.

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5. Only Use a Microfiber Towel

Drop that terry cloth towel ASAP! Korean girls know to stay away from harsh fabrics like terry and cotton, and instead use soft microfiber or muslin clothes to dry their faces.


6. Pat, Don't Rub!

Keeping with the delicate theme, when drying your face, don't tug or pull your towel across your skin. Instead, gently pat your face dry.


7. Use Blurring BB Creams Over Foundations

When it comes to makeup, Korean girls are all about skin first and makeup second. Foundations provide too much coverage and don't allow the skin to breathe, so Korean girls turn to blurring BB creams, like Eborian's cult fave pink creme to blur out imperfections while letting their skin shine through.

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8. Use Overnight Sleeping Masks

We've all jumped on the sheet mask craze, another thing we can credit to K-Beauty. But leave it to Korean girls to take masking to a whole new level with overnight sleeping masks. These thick, hydrating masks lock in moisture and have you waking up with skin soft as a baby. They're not to be missed.

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9. Drink Barley Tea

If you're ever been to a Korean restaurant—helloooo K-BBQ, our fave!—chances are you've been served roasted barley tea. Koreans feed barley tea to babies starting right after birth to help fortify their skin and help with their overall well-being. Roasted barley tea is loaded with antioxidants, making it very beneficial for your skin.


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