Beck Pete's New Single 'Romantic' Is All About Noticing the Beauty of Life

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Beck Pete is a rising artist with a chillingly beautiful voice and a unique outlook on the universe around her. Her newest single, "Romantic," which was released last week, is the perfect encapsulation of both.

The song is a stunning reminder to all of us to love and embrace the everyday beauty of the world we live in, no matter how many times our hearts get broken, and we can't get enough of its whimsical yet quietly devastating music video. For us, it was love at first listen, and we just had to ask Beck our most burning question about the song, its lyrics and what "Romantic" really means to her.

The Story Behind 'Romantic'

Beck Pete: I wrote 'Romantic" during what I thought was a rock-bottom-low, in a moment of realizing that even when we can't experience the joy associated with the beauty that surrounds us at all times, we can still acknowledge it and memorize it. Trace it. Remember it for when the joy returns.

Romantic is a love song to the world. It's saying "I see you for what you are. Somehow, your dips and quirks and flaws make you even more beautiful and I'm glad you're mine." Now if only a man would say that to me!


What 'Romantic' Means

BP: This song is a reminder for me to pause and try my best to see the romance in the dance of how one thing leads to another. I hope that it will help listeners see that beauty as well through all of the mini heartbreaks that life hands us.

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Beck's Favorite Lyric

BP:  I think the first verse: "27 and I still cry every time I grow," is probably my favorite because I think it gives permission to cry. Crying is so cool. If the only thing that I get across to my listeners is that crying is cool, then I'd be fine with that.

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