Dylan Conrique Shares the Powerful True Story Behind Her New Single 'Birthday Cake'

Over the past couple of years, Dylan Conrique has established herself not just as a skilled actress and popular influencer, but also as a singer-songwriter with talents way beyond her 17 years.

She hasn't yet released a song we don't love, and when we heard that her next release would be her most powerful and deeply personal yet, we couldn't wait to hear it. The result is "Birthday Cake," a moving ballad written for a good friend who lost her mother to cancer, and it is even more spectacular than we'd hoped.

We got the chance to chat with Dylan not just about the song and its inspiration, but also about her partnership with the American Cancer Society to raise money and awareness for the important cause. Keep reading to find out what she had to say.

Sweety High: Can you tell us the powerful story behind "Birthday Cake"?

Dylan Conrique: I originally wrote this song for my best friend to have whenever she missed her mom, who she lost to cervical cancer when she was just 12 years old. When my best friend realized it could help a lot of other people experiencing loss too, she told me to release it! I wrote this song to remind her that her mom is watching over her and to remind her to live life to the fullest in her memory.


SH: What does it mean to you to be releasing this song two years after you wrote it? Has the song transformed much over those years?

DC: The song has really just transformed into this beautiful message and feeling. I added more to the production, like the violins, which I think makes the song so much more emotional. My best friend and I agreed that other people could relate and benefit from the message too, so I'm happy that other people will be able to have this song and hope it can bring comfort to anyone experiencing loss.

Dylan Conrique thoughtful wearing cozy sweater

(Photo credit: Neema Sadeghi)


SH: What was your process of learning the piano in order to play this song? What was the toughest part, and what was the most rewarding part, of that process?

DC: I really wanted to learn piano in order to play this song for my best friend and family. The toughest part was learning how to do two things at once, singing and playing the piano. It was definitely a struggle at first, but it was such a fun process and I'm so happy that I can play it now. The piano has become a new fun hobby for me!


SH: When the time came to record the song, was there any extra pressure to get it perfect because you'd been holding onto it for so long?

DC: Yes, definitely! I wanted to make it perfect because of the meaning behind it. This song is so special to me and now it's everything that I could have wanted it to be.

Dylan Conrique sitting in doorway

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SH: Do you have any other advice for living life to the fullest?

DC: Don't be afraid to be yourself! The important people in your life will love you no matter what, so do what you love!


SH: How will you be raising awareness for the American Cancer Society along with this release?

DC: There is going to be a donation button below the music video with information on the story behind the song and awareness for the cause. Every dollar can make a difference and it is so important to me to try to help in any way I can to end cancer and support those affected by it.

Dylan Conrique with Birthday Cake

(Photo credit: Neema Sadeghi)


SH: Do you have a favorite lyric from the track? If so, what is it, and why?

DC: My favorite part would have to be the chorus because it has such an important message and really pulls the song together:

"I think she'd want you to live like the world's on fire

Want you to love like hearts don't break

Never look down when you walk the wire

Like she made it to 48 and still made your birthday cake"


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