Dylan Conrique Reveals the Worst 'Advice From the Internet' She's Ever Gotten

Dylan Conrique might be known best for her acting and being a social media superstar, but when we think of Dylan, her incredible music career is the first thing that comes to mind.

She's a master of putting out painfully relatable songs made even more perfect by her gorgeous voice, and every single one is an anthem we get stuck in our heads for weeks at a time. Her latest release, out today, is called "Advice From the Internet", and we got the chance to ask Dylan how it came to be, and about the worst advice she'ever gotten off the internet.

Sweety High: What does the song mean to you? Was it inspired by a real situation?

Dylan Conrique: This song means a lot to me because I know how the internet can be. I used to search the internet for advice instead of asking my friends and I definitely got some weird responses from that. I also compare myself to people on social media and it only brings me, and all of us, down. So I really relate to this song and love the message behind the lyrics.


SH: What advice do you actually have for people regarding taking advice from the internet?

DC: My advice would be to go to your friends and family first because the internet can be a pretty wack place. I know the loved ones around you will give you the advice for what's actually best for you because they love you.


SH: What's your favorite lyric from the track?

DC: My favorite lyrics from the song are "should probably call my friends, to get it off my chest" because being a teenager can be very hard and the best way to relieve stress is telling my friends my problems. Their advice really helps!


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SH: What do you think is the worst advice you've gotten from the internet?

DC: One day I wasn't feeling well and I started looking up my symptoms. The internet said that I was in a critical condition and their advice was to go to the hospital immediately. I got so scared and went running to my parents telling them and they told me to calm down and gave me way better advice, and that my condition was actually just a normal cold, so that made me feel way better. I feel like this type of thing happens to a lot of us online, so definitely go to your family and friends first.


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