10 Things to Know About Before I Fall Actor Kian Lawley

Kian Lawley has been one of the strongest faces of YouTube for the last five years, but it's only currently that he's crossed over to the big screen.

Now the rising Hollywood heartthrob can be seen with Zoey Deutch and Halston Sage in the film adaptation of the mysterious teen drama Before I Fall.

Sweety High jumped at the chance to chat with him about the new movie, YouTube and being a nerd (yes, you read that correctly) in school. Below is your cheat sheet to 10 things you need to know about Kian Lawley.


1. YouTube Will Forever Be His Homebase

"YouTube will always be my home just like Vidcon," Kian told Sweety High when asked if his foray into film will take precedence over his online presence. "I will never leave YouTube unless YouTube completely stops."

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2. He Can'Wait for Vidcon

"I plan on going to meet all my supporters, see them and have fun," he said. "That's kind of home for me. I started on YouTube and when I went to Vidcon, it was my first opportunity to meet all my supporters and meet all the people I was supporting. I want to come back and cause a scene, make a party—I want to go back home basically."


3. He's Got a Major Soft Side (Cue the Awws)

"People perceive me as this kid who has tattoos and parties," Kian said. "But deep down—not even that deep down—if you get to know me, I'm like a teddy bear. I am a complete introvert. I stay at home and watch movies all the time. I like to keep to myself. So I'm not a bad boy at all."


4. He Has an Eclectic Music Taste

"I like Frank Sinatra and Elvis—I also like country a lot, it's a big thing for me," Kian says. "I like pretty much any music. I like Spanish music. I'm not really into rap. There are a couple of songs though. If I'm feeling myself I'll turn it on."

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5. He Has His Collaboration Sights Set High

"For film actors, I'd most like to work with Jim Carrey, Shia LaBeouf and Jake Gyllenhaal," Kian said. "I would love to work with Shailene Woodley."

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6. If the Characters in Before I Fall Were Real, He Wouldn't Mind Dating a Couple of Them

"I'd want to date Zoey Deutch's character Samantha Kingston or it-girl Medallion Rahimi's character Elody," he said.


7. His Tattoo Collection Is…Big

"I can't even count… well over 50," Kian said of his ink-count. "The first one was a leaf and I'm not gonna let anything touch it. The other tattoos I'll let touch each other with ink. But I'll keep a little halo around the leaf."

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8. He Gets Inked for Fun, Not for Any Real Significance

"My favorite one is the owl," Kian said. "All of them are random. They pretty much have no meaning. The owl I think is just cool and I like it. I recently went in for the shading and so I'm taking my time, which means a lot."


9. He Was the Real-Life High School Opposite of His Before I Fall Character

"I was a nerd in high school," he said. "I wasn't a nerd in the sense that I got good grades and was good at math—not the stereotypical nerd. I was more to myself, I would eat lunch by myself in the back of the school with a couple of friends. I didn't really have a group of friends that I would talk to. I kind of stuck to myself did what I had to do and left."


10. He's a Fashionisto-in-Training

"I'm getting more into fashion than I ever was before," Kian said. "There are a couple of brands are like a lot right now. I like Tommy Hilfiger, I went to the Tommy show that was a lot of fun. There are a couple that I would really love to work with: Tommy, Dolce and Gabbana, American Eagle Outfitters. I really like Urban Outfitters. Urban is my favorite go-to."


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