Behind The Scenes of Heart Made Up On You!

A new video from R5 takes us behind the scenes of "Heart Made Up On You," the band's latest music video!Behind The Scenes of heart Made Up On You r5

The music video was filmed in a city called Taft, located in central California. The beginning of the video, which marks the first time the band did a proper dialogue introduction to a music video, was filmed in a diner called Paik's Ranch House!

In the music video, the band somehow become indebted to a thief, who also happens to be the boss of Ross's girlfriend!

In order to help the robber pull of a jewel caper, the band puts on a show to distract the whole town! But when the break-in goes wrong, Ross and the girl double cross the thief.

If you haven't seen the music video for "Heart Made Up On You" yet, we won't spoil it! Check it our here and join us at for more R5!