Belgian Boys' Irresistible Cookies, Tarts, Stroopwafels and More Will Make Your Mouth Water

Is there anything more irresistible than a deliciously varied collection of European baked goods?

I think not, so when the team behind Belgian Boys offered to send me their (currently sold out) Welcome Bundle, complete with mini cakes, cookies, tarts and their signature stroopwafels, I just couldn't say no. The Brooklyn-based company's products are all made in Europe with non-GMO ingredients, with the Welcome Bundle selling for $50—and every item inside is worth trying at least once.

Almond Butter Cakes

These little cakes might not look like much, but they're some of the moistest, fluffiest packaged cakes I've ever tried—and that's not even mentioning their fantastic flavor. If you love the taste of marzipan, you'll adore the sweet, nutty taste inherent in the cakes (and just one likely isn't going to be enough).

Belgian Boys almond butter bars

(via Belgian Boys)


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Belgian Chocolate Cookie Bars

With these Belgian Chocolate Cookie Bars, real Belgian chocolate combines with a crisp, ultra-buttery cookie to make for a craveable, rich treat with the perfect snap. There are even cute little messages hidden on the chocolate of each biscuit in case you need a spiritual pick-me-up in addition to the energy you'll get from the cookie.

Belgian Boys chocolate cookie bars

(via Belgian Boys)


Choco Caramel Cookie Tarts

You're in for a ridiculously rich treat with these Choco Caramel Cookie Tarts. It consists of a crisp, buttery shortbread base that's layered with smooth, creamy caramel as well as Belgian milk chocolate, making for a magical combination of flavors. I can only eat one at a time because the flavor is so decadent—but maybe that's a good thing!

Belgian Boys choco caramel cookie tarts

(via Belgian Boys)


Raspberry Cookie Tarts

The Raspberry Cookie Tarts lie on the opposite end of the spectrum. They also have a rich shortbread base, but this one is soft and crumbly, perfectly complementing the brightly tart raspberry jam nestled inside. It's also the polar opposite because the flavor is so refreshing I could probably eat this entire bag in one sitting if I didn't stop myself.

Belgian Boys raspberry cookie tarts

(via Belgian Boys)


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Mini Stroopwafels

Belgian Boys' stroopwafels are one of the things that really attracted me to the brand in the first place, and they do not disappoint. These unique, waffle-shaped cookies are made in the Netherlands, with a texture that manages to be soft and crisp all at once, and luscious caramel filling in the center. They're rich, buttery and authentic, and once you've had one mini waffle, you won't be able to resist eating another.

Belgian Boys Mini Stroopwafels

(via Belgian Boys)


Dutch Caramel Stroopwafels

Of course, the regular-sized stroopwafels might be even more craveable than the minis. They're slightly crisper, and these ones are big enough to cover the mouth of your favorite coffee or tea mug in the morning, resulting in a deliciously steamed stroopwafel that's out of this world. The Welcome Bundle doesn't just include a regular eight-pack, but also a gift tin with eight more stroopwafels inside—the perfect surprise for any new stroopwafel devotees.

Belgian Boys Stroopwafel


(via Belgian Boys)


Chocolate Chip Mini Cookie Stash

If you're more into classic tastes, then you won't be disappointed with these adorable mustache-shaped chocolate chip cookies. They're crunchy and satisfying, with just the right amount of chocolate per bite—and they come in little bags for the perfect portion every time.

Belgian Boys cookie stash

(via Belgian Boys)


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Speculoos Mini Cookie Stash

And last, but certainly not least, are the speculoos mustache cookies. If you're not familiar with speculoos, they're the caramely cookies featuring flavors including cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice and cloves that are the base of most cookie butters—and one of the best cookie varieties that exist. These ones are perfectly spiced—and were actually the first of the Belgian Boys offerings to get entirely gobbled up in my household.

Belgian Boys speculoos mini cookie stash

(via Belgian Boys)


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