The Best Snacks and Drinks We Tried in March 2022

When you're curious about a new food or beverage brand, trying something new can be quite the leap of faith.

Don't want to make a purchase without knowing you're buying something good? That's what we're here for. We tried all kinds of snacks and drinks in March so we could pass along all the ones that are actually worth your money. Keep scrolling to discover our faves of the month.

Moon Cheese

If you love cheese, you're going to be obsessed with moon cheese. These small, crunchy balls are made with 100% cheese, so you just know they're packed with cheesy flavor, making for a salty, high-protein snack that's low in sugar and carbs. They come in cheddar, garlic parmesan, pepper jack, gouda and black pepper white cheddar flavors, so there's something for every cheese lover.

Moon Cheese variety pack

(via Moon Cheese)



Elavi specializes in collagen-packed superfood bars and cashew butters designed for strength, focus and energy. While their collagen-packed protein bars are pretty standard in the taste department, we really loved their cashew butters—especially the vibrant Blue Spirulina Vanilla flavor, which can be used as a spread or eaten straight out of the packet.

Elavi I'll Have One of Everything

(via Elavi)



If you're looking for an energy drink alternative that'll pick you up without the crashes and jitters, we have to recommend Marquis caffeinated beverages. They have a zero-calorie, zero-sugar formula and are packed with vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and C to keep you going all day long (and they taste pretty amazing, too).

Marquis energy drinks assorted cans on water background

(via Marquis)


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Popchips may not be new, but this better-for-you potato chip tastes great and makes for an awesome alternative to the greasy classics—especially in the traditional Sour Cream & Onion, Barbecue and Sea Salt flavors. Plus, new flavors including Fiery Buffalo and Fully Loaded just launched, so now there's more to enjoy than ever.

Popchips Fiery Buffalo and Fully Loaded flavors on purple background


(via Popchips)



Looking for something substantial to eat when you don't have much time? Bobo's oat bars come in all kinds of flavors and varieties and are a satisfying and tasty snack that you can easily eat on the go. Our favorites are the bites filled with fruit, but you really can't go wrong with any choice.

Bobo's oat bars, bites and toasters on blue background

(via Bobo's)


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Koe Kombucha

If you've always been curious about the probiotic health benefits of kombucha but you can't stand the vinegary flavor, Koe was made for you. These sparkling drinks have fantastic, punchy flavors, have just 25 calories per can and are packed with vitamin C and loads of probiotics.

Koe Kombucha tropical

(via Koe Kombucha)


Actual Veggies

Some veggie burgers try too hard to be like a traditional meat burger, and other results are just plain weird. That's not the case with Actual Veggies, a brand that makes tasty quarter-pound plant-based burger patties made with 100% vegetables. They embrace the inherent deliciousness of different ingredients, such as beans, beets, sweet potatoes and greens, to make a different kind of burger, and each and every one is seriously tasty.

Instagram @actualveggies vegetable burgers on buns

(via Actual Veggies)


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Aqua ViTea

Now, if you're all about that classic kombucha taste, but don't like that some kombucha contains traces of alcohol, Aqua ViTea is for you. The brand uses a special extraction process to remove any alcohol while sticking to bold flavors using real fruits, herbs and spices to work with that signature vinegary tang—and the peach flavor is a must.

Aqua ViTea kombucha variety

(via Aqua ViTea)


Sfoglini Cascatelli Pasta

It's not often that we see a pasta that turns our heads, but Sfoglini's Cascatelli's pasta is special. This waterfall-inspired pasta shape was three years in the making, but it was entirely worth the wait. It was optimized for sauce, fork-friendliness and bite, and it excels in all three categories, no matter what kind of sauce you're using.

Sfoglina Cascatelli paste

(via Sfoglini)



VFC stands for Vegan Fried Chicken, and it is the best frozen plant-based fried chicken we've tried. Available in Popcorn Chick*n, Chick*n Bites and Chick*n Filets, each variety has a crispy, satisfying coating and "chicken" that tastes and tears like the real thing. You could have us fooled!

VFC vegan fried chicken packaging

(via VFC)



If you're serious about tea, Chaiboy is a must-try. Their loose-leaf teas are made with the highest quality ingredients to elevate the tea-drinking experience and change the way you think about chai. Plus, their Chaiboy Strainer is a game-changer for loose leaf fanatics.

Chaiboy origin blend tea

(via Chaiboy)


Storied Goods

Teas just aren't the same without a little sugar to sweeten them up, and Storied Goods completely rethinks the experience with their flavored sugar cubes. Their lineup features Rose Petal Sugar Cubes, Orange Zest Sugar Cubes and Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Cubes, each of which add a unique flavor to your favorite hot drink of choice.

Sotires Goods sugar cubes

(via Storied Goods)



Poppi puts a twist on classic sodas with a touch of prebiotic apple cider vinegar. Their fruity flavors are fun, crisp and satisfying, and are developed to work with the flavor of apple cider, so you're always sipping something delicious while supporting your gut health.

Instagram: Poppi Soda Can Lineup

(via Poppi)


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Cocomels' vegan caramels use coconut milk to get that classic caramel taste and texture, and we seriously can't tell the difference. They also have several keto-friendly products with less than one gram of sugar per serving, and we're not sure how they do it, but they're just as sweet and satisfying as you'd expect any dark chocolate caramel to be.

Cocomels variety spring

(via Cocomels)


Odyssey Mushroom Elixir

Need a burst of energy, as well as concentration and focus? Odyssey Mushrooms have caffeine, as well as a blend of adaptogenic mushrooms including lion's mane, reishi, turkey tail, chaga, shiitake, maitake and cordyceps to have you functioning at your very best—and the flavors are pretty tasty, too.

Odyssey Mushroom Elixir Orange Ginger flavor

(via Odyssey Elixir)


Snow Days

Snow Days are anything but your traditional freezer aisle pizza pocket. Firstly, their grain-free cassava crust turns out crisp and delicious every time, and secondly, they're filled with healthy fruits and vegetables, while still somehow managing to taste like a delicious bite of pizza. They come in Cheese, Veggie White and Buffalo Chicken varieties, and every single one will leave you satisfied and looking forward to your next bag.

snow days pizza bites

(via Snow Days)


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