PREMIERE: Bella Dose Drop New Girl Power Anthem, 'Bite'

Bella Dose is the world's first bilingual Latina girl group, and with their 2 million followers on TikTok (and counting), we know it's only a matter of time before they take the world by storm.

Consisting of Brianna Leah, Thais Rodriguez, Melany Rivera and Jenni Hernandez, the group has been making a splash with their infectious tracks, sung in English and Spanish, and their inimitable dance moves. Point is, we're obsessed, and we're honored to premiere their newest single, "Bite"—and learn all about what the track and its lyrics mean to the girls.

The Story Behind 'Bite'

Melany Rivera: We actually wrote "Bite" one night in Punta Cana with our producer and friend Jayden Grey. We started the session at 5 pm and ended at 9 am the next day. It was crazy! We were in the studio for 16 hours straight and had so much fun writing this song! The inspiration came to us after Vicky Curiel told us she wanted us to write something fun, and poppy, but with a rap influence to it. We immediately came up with ideas and started writing. As the session went on, Jayden went in on the production and added rock influence guitar chords and the song's vibe instantly turned into something so cool and different for us, and we knew it would fit exactly what Vicky wanted to hear from us as well.


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What 'Bite' Means

Jenni Hernandez: This song means so much to me because when I listen to it, I feel so empowered by the words and beat. No matter my mood, when this song comes on I get a burst of energy and just wanna jump around and sing along. I hope this song can reciprocate the same energy to our fans.

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Bella Dose's Favorite Lyrics

Melany: My favorite lyric from "Bite" is "Wanna get like me? That's unlikely," because it feels good to know that there is only one you. Anyone who sings this lyric can feel empowered to know that they themselves are unique in their own beautiful ways. No one will be able to replicate it how you do because everyone is different, especially when it comes from your own authentic self!

Thais Rodriguez: My favorite lyric from the song is, "Pretty, but we bite," because it's so cute yet super sassy. We wanted something powerful that showcased how we're super nice girls but if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.

Jenni: My favorite lyric from the song is, "Don't call when we famous, only time you'll hear from me is on your playlist," because when me and the girls blow up and become famous, the people who doubted us will finally know that they wrong.

Brianna Leah: My favorite lyric from the song is, "Siempre original, no hay nada basic," because we always want to create something original rather than following the crowd.

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