Bella King Dishes On "Unmatched"!

16-year-old Bella King is an actress, writer and director whose short film Unmatched is making the film festival rounds and has already won Bella an LA Student Filmmaker Award.Bella King Interview

In a new interview, Bella told us about how she got started in the business of movie making and gave us the inside scoop on Unmatched!

When Bella King was 6 years old, she started attending a local theater class in her home state of Indiana and was smitten with it instantly.

"Immediately after that, I did my first play, and loved that, so much so that I began commuting to Chicago and working there!" Bella said. "That's how I started."

Since then, she's moved from the stage to the screen, continuing to work on a number of projects, usually in the genres of drama and science fiction. Even now, her passion for acting hasn't waned.

After spending so much time on the sets of her film and TV productions, Bella became interested in the other roles involved bringing the stories to life, namely writing and directing.

"On set, I loved to stand behind the crew and execs watching the monitor and asking questions," she said. "It's definitely how I learned a lot of things! I think having started as an actress has given me a different perspective on behind the scenes that I'm not sure I'd have gotten otherwise. So I'm very grateful for those experiences!"

During an audition, Bella had a fateful meeting with Adam Lapidus, a television writer who has written episodes of TV series including Jessie, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and The Simpsons.

"I didn't book the role but over time we got to know each other and when I asked him to review some of my writing, a wonderful mentorship was born," she said. "Years later, he is someone I have a lot of respect for and am happy to call a friend."

Under his guidance, Bella learned even more about the business of filmmaking. Her debut as a writer and director is a short film called Unmatched!

"The short's about a young girl's life and how drastically it's changed," Bella explained. "It's got some very dark themes and moments, but really it's a story – her story- of hope. Because I'm a sucker for fariytales and magic, it was originally based on a story by Hans Christen Anderson, that I completely reinvented for a modern audience!"

Bella's work proved effective, as the film won her the Los Angeles Student Filmmaker Award at the Burbank International Film Festival, her first film festival ever.

"My first project as a writer/director won, which was kind of awesome!" Bella said. "Unmatched's win meant a lot, for me personally, of course, but what I love most about this category is that it's strictly for minors. I'm so happy that it's given a voice to us kids that typically don't have a lot of opportunity, being underage."

Unmatched has was also nominated in San Diego Film Festival earlier this month!

"I was overjoyed!" she said. "Hearing news like that is always exciting. Having the talents of everyone being recognized is great. For me personally though, it's just encouraging that I'm on the right track!"

We asked Bella if, out of acting, directing and writing, she had a single passion that takes precedent.

"I'm passionate about making movies," she replied. "Once a storyteller, always a storyteller! Different projects are gonna excite me in different ways, so it changes constantly."

To keep up with all of the latest from Bella King, be sure to check our her social media pages, listed below!

"I'm always doing 12 things at once, and I love sharing adventures and projects," she said. "So please, please stay in touch!"

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