9 Times Bella Thorne Was Woman Crush Wednesday-Worthy

Bella Thorne is SO much more than just a triple-threat. Not only is she a flawless performer, but she's a novelist, fashion icon and activist for the causes we hold closest to our hearts. And that's only the beginning of why she's our Woman Crush Wednesday this week!

The moment we were introduced to Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones on Shake It Up, we were completely obsessed. Not everyone gets their big break dancing, singing AND acting in one show, but Bella definitely isn't everyone!


From the beginning, Bella has put her Disney stardom to good use by sharing her strong stance against bullying with all of her Bellarinas. She made this video when she was just 13, sharing her own powerful story about how it felt getting bullied for speaking Spanish in school, and later, for being dyslexic.


She's still incredibly passionate about the movement against bullying. This year she teamed up with Mean Stinks, calling on all of us to do a "nice takeover" on Twitter. It's time to take social media back from the trolls!


Did we mention Bella is the author of one of our fave books of all time? She said one of her biggest motivations in writing Autumn Falls was proving herself to everyone who bullied her for her dyslexia. The main character, Autumn, also deals with dyslexia, and a magical journal that brings her writing to life. And we might love her new sequel, Autumn's Kiss, even more than the original!

Even though Shake It Up is over ? Bella's relationship with her bestie Zendaya is still BFF goals.


Bella is also making a huge change for people around the world! She's a spokesperson for The Thirst Project, which gives access to clean water to the people who need it most. She's visited Africa to volunteer and raise awareness about people who don't have clean water, and she even won the Pioneering Spirit Award at last year's Thirst Gala!


And this is totally random, but we've NEVER seen any of our other Woman Crushes just eat a raw onion whole like Bella can.

No matter how many Google searches we do, we cannot find a photo of Bella where her style isn't completely on point. Her whole wardrobe is on the top of our wish lists for this year.


And this no-makeup selfie immediately made us all want to take bare faced selfies of our own!


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