If Belle Is Your Fave Disney Princess, You Need These Items in Your Life

So your favorite Disney princess is Belle? We got you.

From candles and bath bombs, to shoes and T-shirts, these are the items every Belle-lover needs in their life pronto!

Belle's Library Scented Candle: $18

With its aged library books and wild rose scent, you'll feel as though you're immersed in Belle's library the second you light the candle's flame.

Belle's Library scented red candle from Etsy

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Belle Tote Bag: $29

What better bag to carry all your books in than this one?

Belle tote bag

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Belle Planner Clip: $5.99

If you need help keeping your planner organized, this cutesy Belle paperclip will do just the trick.

Belle planner clip

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"I Want Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere" T-Shirt: $16.99

Belle is nothing short of adventurous, and we're guessing you are, too, because she's your fave princess. Representing that venturesome spirit of yours with this tee is clearly the way to go!

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere Belle-inspired shirt

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Belle Mug: $15

Sip your tea from this elegant mug while you read your favorite book for ultimate relaxation.

Belle mug

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Belle iPhone Case: $8.68

Simple yet bold, this iPhone case is something every Belle-lover needs in their life.

Belle iPhone case

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Hand-Painted Belle Toms: $125

Though they are a bit pricey, these hand-painted Belle-inspired Toms are a dream. C'mon, have you seen a pair of more beautiful shoes?!

Hand-painted Belle-inspired Toms shoes

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Belle Minnie Mouse Ears: $25

Whether you're hitting up Disneyland, Disney World or just really feel like wearing a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, we suggest you go with these.

Belle-inspired Minnie Mouse ears

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Belle Chef Apron: $45

If you're a chef or a baker, you'll stand out in the best way possible sporting this apron in the kitchen.

Belle chef apron

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Belle's Bodice Heart Necklace: $15

Your heart will literally belong to Belle with this charming pendant around your neck.

Belle's bodice heart-shaped necklace

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Belle Bookmark: $7.49

Belle would most definitely approve of you marking your stopping places in books with this sweet bookmark.

Belle bookmark

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Belle Hair Bow: $16.50

Keep your hair out of your face and look like a Disney princess by clipping this bad boy in your hair on the regular.

Belle-inspired hair bow from Etsy

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Belle Minnie Ears Patch: $10

Your denim jacket will have you looking like the belle of the ball with this patch ironed on to it.

Belle minnie mouse ears patch

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Belle Bath Bomb: $8

Spend your time in the tub as your fave Disney princess would with this rose, sugar and marshmallow-scented bath bomb. Sounds like a dream!

Belle bath bomb

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