Find Out All About Skateboarder and YouTube Personality Ben Azelart

If you're looking for quality content, look no further than skateboarder Ben Azelart's YouTube channel.

We chatted with the social media personality this week as our Man Crush Monday, and you won't be disappointed with what he had to share. Find out all about him below.

#MCM Ben Azelart

(via Instagram)

Name:Ben Azelart

Hometown: Kailua, Hawaii

Birthday: Jan. 10

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Fun Facts:


1. He has a solution to every problem as you can see below. ????

"My favorite thing about myself is that I always somehow figure things out in bad situations and most of the time get out of them." –Ben Azelart

2. His favorite series and movie is Maze Runner.

3. He won't lie, he was totally starstruck when he first saw Selena Gomez in person.

4. Need an Instagram caption king? We found your guy.

"People normally ask for me to edit a photo or think of a caption for their Instagram picture." –Ben Azelart

Oops… Liza stole our shirts and won't give them back????

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5. Peter Pan is his favorite Disney character. He totally relates to his spirit of youth and adventure.

6. He's always looking to travel and reach new heights. That's why if he weren't a skateboarder and YouTube personality, he'd be a pilot.

That moment when you get hungry on a hike????????

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7. He's obsessed with pasta salad. For a while, it was his go-to meal.

"I would eat it about five nights a week because I loved it so much and I would have waffles covered in excessive amounts of maple syrup." -Ben Azelart


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