Every Fun Fact You Should Know About YouTube Personality Joey Kidney

Thanks to the internet, inspiration is never far away these days.

YouTube provides us with the more-than-radiant human, Joey Kidney, whose self-titled channel is our go-to for relatable and inspiring content. Here's every fun fact you should know about him below!


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Name: Joey Kidney

Hometown: Ottawa, Canada

Birthday: April 22

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Fun Facts:

1. Although he loves to inspire others himself via his Instagram and YouTube page, Eminem is one of his biggest influences. "What he's been through and how he came out of it all, winning, is inspiring," he tells Sweety High.

2. His childhood crush was none other than the fabulous Selena Gomez. "Every day after school, I would come home and watch Selena Gomez mess something up on Wizards of Waverly Place and fix it using her tricks," he shares. "Don't tell my girlfriend this, but Selena Gomez is still my celebrity crush!"

3. His dog Eddie means so much to him. "We couldn't find him in the kennel until I looked down and there he was, licking my shoe through a hole in the door," he says. "We knew he was the one at that moment."

Thank you for getting me through things

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4. He can't stop watching Will Darbyshire's videos on YouTube. "He's definitely someone I look up to in the YouTube community," he says.

5. He's more of a morning person than a night owl. "Everything is nicer in the morning!" he says. We have to agree with him there. ????

happy to be in bed 🙂

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6. He has many different people he looks up to, but his biggest hero is his mom: "She's the strongest person I've ever met and she has the biggest heart."

7. His all-time fave movies include Coach Carter, 8 Mile and Seven Pounds. He explains, "There are so many more, but I'll stop there because I'll go into my love for rom-coms."


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