Here's Everything You Wanted to Know About TikTok Comedian benoftheweek

When we think of content creators that crack us up on the daily, benoftheweek immediately comes to mind.

The 21-year-old social media sensation and comedian has made a career out of making people laugh, and few do it better. And with more than 7 million followers on TikTok and a million subscribers on YouTube, it's clear that avid fans all around the world agree with us.

But who's the guy behind the laughs? We got the chance to ask benoftheweek all about himself, and here's what he revealed as our latest Man Crush Monday.

Benoftheweek Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Curtis Newbill)

Name: Benjamin De Almeida

Hometown: Red Deer, Canada

Birthday: September 8

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. Lately, Ben has become a bit of a morning person.

"I love waking up before everyone else."


2. Tyler, the Creator put on the best concert he's ever seen.

"Seeing Tyler, the Creator in concert was a spiritual experience. He knows how to make a crowd go bonkers."


3. He's a big germaphobe.

4. He's a big collector of Golf clothes.

"They're about 30% of my wardrobe now."


5. He'd love to live in the Sinnoh region in Pokémon.

6. He's an only child.

"It's taught me how to have fun by myself."


7. His favorite Disney movie is Wall-E.

"I feel like it's the most important movie Disney has ever made, especially today."


8. He's a pretty big fan of both Marvel and DC.

"I used to like DC solely for the Dark Knight trilogy, but I'm currently a Marvel stan after seeing Wandavision."


9. Humor is so important to Ben.

"My favorite thing on this weird planet is making people laugh, and if I can make even two people do that, I'm happy!"



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